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Rights Groups: To Stop Extremism, End Syria's Civil War

Syrian civil society groups appealed Tuesday for an international commitment to end the brutal war in their country as the only means to put the brakes on the spread of extremism.

"Stopping the violence requires two steps which we cannot achieve alone: an end to (President Bashar) Assad regime's barrel bombs and air strikes and negotiations between all Syrian groups and their international backers," 85 groups said in an emotive joint campaign.

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Kuwait Riot Police Break Up Opposition Protest

Kuwaiti riot police dispersed hundreds of opposition protesters who rallied Monday to demand the release of political prisoners and press for democratic reforms in the oil-rich Gulf state.

More than 500 activists gathered outside parliament in the capital Kuwait City for the third week in a row after authorities jailed opposition leader and former lawmaker Mussallam al-Barrak for allegedly insulting the emir.

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White House to Netanyahu: An Occupation that Lasted More Than 50 Years Must End

U.S. President Barack Obama's chief of staff rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's attempts to distance himself from his comments rejecting Palestinian statehood, telling an Israel advocacy group Monday that the U.S. can't just overlook what Netanyahu said on the eve of his re-election.

"An occupation that has lasted more than 50 years must end," White House chief of staff Denis McDonough said.

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Netanyahu Apologizes Publicly for Arab Israeli Remarks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized publicly on Monday for saying Arab Israelis were voting in "droves" in election day comments that drew condemnation, including from the United States.

"I know that my statements last week offended some Israeli citizens and members of the Arab Israeli community. That was never my intention. I apologize for that," he said during a meeting with Arab Israelis that was broadcast by television channels.

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Jordan Says Anti-IS Coalition to Train 'Syrian Tribes'

Jordan and other members of the U.S.-led coalition targeting the Islamic State jihadist group are to train fighters belonging to "Syrian tribes", the Jordanian government spokesman said on Monday.

"Jordan and other nations in the coalition and in the region will jointly train... Syrian tribes to fight against the terrorist bands," Mohammad al-Momani said at a news conference.

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IS Claims Killing 29 Yemeni Police

The Islamic State jihadist group claimed responsibility Monday for an attack on police in south Yemen that left 29 dead, in a sign of its growing activity in the turbulent country.

IS issued the claim in an online statement attributed to its branch in Lahj province, after a Sanaa branch said it was behind multiple suicide bombings Friday at Huthi Shiite mosques that killed 142 people.

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Israel Imprisons Arab Citizen for Joining Syria Fight

An Israeli court on Monday sentenced an Arab citizen to 11 months in prison for traveling to fight alongside Syrian rebels in Israel's war-torn neighbor.

Several Arab Israelis have been arrested after returning from Syria, where armed opposition to President Bashar Assad is now dominated by jihadists, including the Islamic State group.

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Dovish Israeli Singer Abused for Election Stance

Two dovish Israeli artists have been harassed by hooligans since last week's "stormy" election campaign, sparking official concern over post-poll polarization in Israeli society.

Singer and peace activist Noa says she was threatened and abused when she returned from a trip abroad last week, after the right triumphed in an election marred by personal attacks and racial slurs.

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Saudi Says Iran Should Not Get 'Undeserved' Nuclear Deals

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said on Monday that Iran, which is negotiating with world powers on its nuclear program, should not get "undeserved deals."

"It is impossible that Iran should get undeserved deals," Prince Saud said at a joint news conference with visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

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Libyan Pro-Government Warplanes Launch Strikes near Tripoli

Libyan pro-government forces said Monday they had targeted a weapons depot belonging to an Islamist-backed militia, as peace talks continued in Morocco.

A militia spokesman said however that the raid had hit a refugee camp, killing eight civilians.

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