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African Union Endorses Plan for Anti-Boko Haram Force

The African Union has endorsed the creation of a regional force of up to 10,000 men to join the fight against the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, diplomats said Friday.

The force, the idea for which was adopted at an AU summit in January, will be based in Chad's capital N'Djamena, the pan-African bloc's Peace and Security Council said.

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19 Killed in Boko Haram Attack in Niger

At least 19 civilians were killed in a weekend attack by Boko Haram Islamists on three remote islands in Niger with many victims burnt alive, a local lawmaker said.

Sunday's onslaught took place on three islands located on Lake Chad, said ElHadj Aboubacar, a deputy from the town of Bosso in southeastern Niger.

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Experts Say Military Operations Force Boko Haram Back to Urban Warfare

Bomb attacks in Nigerian towns and cities look likely to increase in the run-up to forthcoming elections, despite the military claiming increasing successes against Boko Haram in captured territory.

At least 86 people were killed in explosions blamed on Boko Haram this week alone, all of them at crowded bus stations in the northeast, wider north and also in the country's central region.

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Refugees in Niger Live under Shadow of Boko Haram

Aboubacar, usually a worker for a non-governmental organisation, has now taken on another, more ominous role: watching out for suicide bombers.

"We watch everyone," he said in Niger's second-largest city of Zinder. "Last Thursday, a man in a turban whom we had never seen before came to the mosque. We asked him to leave."

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Air Strike on Niger Village Kills 36

At least 36 mourners at a funeral ceremony were killed and 27 wounded when an unidentified plane bombarded a village in Niger near the Nigerian border, the army said Wednesday.

The strike on Tuesday came as Niger takes part in a regional offensive against Nigeria-based Boko Haram fighters, who have extended their brutal six-year insurgency to Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

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Taking on Boko Haram: African Forces on the Ground

Four African armies, from Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger, are currently directly engaged in the fight against the Nigeria-based insurgent group Boko Haram.

Regional forces have gone into action while awaiting the formation of a planned 8,700-strong, five-country force, whose make-up remains to be determined.

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Boko Haram Destroys Northeast Nigeria Town

Hundreds of Boko Haram militants stormed the town of Askira Uba in northeast Nigeria, burning homes and public buildings, as attacks continued despite a regional campaign against the Islamist rebels, witnesses said Tuesday.

Residents able to flee the town in Borno state left in droves, with only the sick and elderly remaining behind through the insurgents' rampage.

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Thousands March against Boko Haram in Niger

Niger's President Mamahadou Issoufou on Tuesday told thousands of people protesting at deadly raids by Boko Haram that "Niger will be the tomb" of the Islamists from neighboring Nigeria.

"Nobody attacks Niger without punishment and Boko Haram learned that to its cost last February 6," Issoufou told a crowd after a rally in the capital Niamey. "That day, our defense and security forces crushed Boko Haram."

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Cameroon Army Kills 86 Boko Haram Militants

Cameroon's army says it has killed 86 Boko Haram militants and detained 1,000 people suspected of links to the Islamist group, as central African leaders held talks on how to combat its bloody insurgency.

Five Cameroonian soldiers were also killed during the clashes in the Waza region near the border with Nigeria, defense ministry spokesman Didier Badjeck said Monday.

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More Than 160 Boko Haram Sympathizers Held in Niger

More than 160 people suspected of having links to Boko Haram have been arrested in Niger's border area with Nigeria which was attacked this month by the Islamist group, police in Niger said Monday.

"We would like to warmly thank the residents of the Diffa region whose assistance has allowed us to arrest more than 160 suspects," national police spokesman Adily Toro said on local television.

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