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Qatar Cabinet Approves Foreigner Property Rule

Qatar's Cabinet on Wednesday approved proposals to allow foreigners to own property and be granted residency at the same time, according to an official statement.

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Qatar Raises $12 bn in Bond Sale despite Political Crisis

Qatar has sold bonds worth $12 billion (nine billion euros), the finance ministry said Thursday, attracting strong demand despite an economic and diplomatic boycott by its former Gulf allies.

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Crisis, What Crisis? Qatari Love of Luxury Going Strong

Abdulla Sager al-Khori has little doubt about the significance of a luxury watch when it comes to fashion -- and making a statement -- even in the thick of Qatar's diplomatic crisis.

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Taliban Says Talks with the US Enter Fourth Day in Qatar

Negotiations between the Taliban and US officials in Qatar entered a fourth straight day Thursday, according to the insurgents, as the two sides pursue a potential deal to bring an end to Afghanistan's 17-year conflict. 

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U.S. Confirms Taliban Talks in Qatar

The United States confirmed Tuesday that its envoy is meeting in Qatar with the Taliban, seeking to negotiate an end to the Afghanistan war despite a new major attack claimed by the insurgents.

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Qatar Rejects Normalising Ties with 'Criminal' Assad

Qatar's foreign minister ruled out on Monday the possibility of re-opening an embassy in Damascus, in line with some other Gulf countries, calling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a war criminal.

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Qatar Says Gulf Alliance Needs Replacing

Qatar called Saturday for a new regional alliance following the failure of the four-decade-old Gulf Cooperation Council to resolve an 18-month rift between the emirate and its neighbours.

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Qatar Will Pull Out of OPEC amid Tension with Saudi Arabia

The tiny, energy-rich Arab nation of Qatar announced on Monday it would withdraw from OPEC, mixing its aspirations to increase production outside of the cartel's constraints with the politics of slighting the Saudi-dominated group amid the kingdom's boycott of Doha.

The surprise announcement from Qatar's minister of state for energy affairs, Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, again throws into question the role of the cartel after needing non-members to push through a production cut in 2016 after prices crashed below $30 a barrel.

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Qatar Easing of Foreign Worker Exit System Comes into Force

Long-awaited reform of Qatar's controversial exit visa system, which requires foreign workers to obtain their bosses' permission to leave the country, came into force on Sunday, the government said.

"Law No. 13 of 2018... regulating the entry, exit and residency of expatriates is being implemented starting today," the interior ministry announced on Twitter.

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Qatar May Benefit from Khashoggi Fallout, Analysts Say

Global diplomatic fallout from the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate may help Qatar in its political stand-off with the kingdom, experts said.

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