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Saudi Vows 'Urgent' Action for Stranded Indian Workers

Saudi Arabia has promised "urgent" action to resolve the plight of some 2,500 Indian workers stranded without money in the kingdom after a plunge in oil prices sparked construction layoffs.

Labor Minister Mufarrej al-Haqbani issued orders to allow the Indian workers "to immediately transfer their kafala (sponsorship) and renew their residencies," the Okaz daily reported on Wednesday.

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Saudis Visit Israel, Meet Government Official

The head of a rare Saudi delegation to Israel and the occupied West Bank met a senior Israeli government official during his trip, Israel's foreign ministry told AFP on Sunday.

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Saudi Executes Four Convicted of Murder

Saudi authorities executed four citizens on Sunday convicted of killing six members of their tribe, the interior ministry said.

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Saudi Revives 15-Year-Old Anti-Pokemon Fatwa

Saudi Arabia's top clerical body has revived a 2001 religious edict prohibiting Pokemon in response to public calls for guidance on the newly launched smartphone version of the game.

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19 People Arrested over Saudi Attacks including Medina

Nineteen people, including 12 Pakistani nationals, have been arrested in Saudi Arabia following suicide attacks on Monday, including one near Islam's second-holiest site in the city of Medina, the kingdom's Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

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Salam Performs Eid Prayer alongside Saudi King in Mecca

Prime Minister Tammam Salam on Wednesday performed the Eid al-Fitr prayer at the Sacred Mosque in Mecca alongside Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and and members of the royal family, Lebanon's National News Agency reported.

The premier then attended a breakfast banquet that was thrown by the Saudi monarch, during which he "offered his condolences over the victims of the latest terrorist attacks that struck the Saudi cities of Medina, Jeddah and Qatif, NNA said.

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Iran Condemns Suicide Attacks in Saudi Arabia

Iran on Tuesday condemned three suicide bombings that rocked its regional rival Saudi Arabia, one of them targeting Islam's second holiest place, the Prophet's Mosque in Medina.

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Saudi Opens Retail Sector to More Foreign Investment

Saudi Arabia has approved rules opening its retail sector to greater foreign investment, official media said on Tuesday, as part of wide-ranging economic reforms.

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U.N. Removes Saudi-Led Coalition from Child Rights Blacklist

The United Nations on Monday removed the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen from a blacklist of child rights violators after Riyadh angrily protested the decision.

Saudi Arabia had demanded that a U.N. report be "corrected" after it concluded that the coalition was responsible for 60 percent of the 785 children killed in Yemen last year.

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Iran Says U.S. Ally Saudi the Real 'Terrorism Sponsor'

Tehran on Sunday dismissed its renewed blacklisting by Washington as a state sponsor of terrorism charging that it was U.S. allies including Riyadh that were the real culprits.

The Iranian foreign ministry noted its role in neighboring Iraq supporting the government against the Islamic State jihadist group independently of a U.S.-led coalition as well as its backing for the Syrian regime against jihadists and other rebels, some of them backed by Saudi Arabia.

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