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Saudi Arabia Says Sentiment 'Optimistic' for OPEC Deal

Saudi Arabia's energy minister said Wednesday that an "optimistic" sentiment prevailed at an OPEC meeting meant to agree the cartel's first oil output cut in eight years.

"We don't know (if a deal will be reached)," Khaled al-Falih told reporters in Vienna as the talks started. "We will find out during the meeting. I think the sentiment generally is optimistic and positive."

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Arid Saudi Could Need '$50 Billion' in Water Investment

Arid Saudi Arabia could need more than $53 billion in water sector investment supported by private funds as demand grows, officials said on Sunday.

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Iran Sentences Saudi Embassy Attackers to Jail

Iran has sentenced protesters accused of attacking Saudi Arabia's embassy in response to the execution of a prominent cleric to up to six months in prison, their lawyer said Friday.

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Saudi Financial Position Strong, Says Minister

Saudi Arabia's financial position remains strong despite sinking oil prices, although there is "some pressure" on bank liquidity, the finance minister has said.

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'Crazy' Hike in Saudi Visa Fees Could Impact Business Ties

A seven-fold hike in visa fees to do business in Saudi Arabia risks deterring the foreign investment needed to transform its oil-dependent economy, diplomats and other sources say.

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Saudi Holds Live-Fire Drills during Gulf War Games

Saudi Arabia is conducting live-fire drills during war games underway in the Gulf, official media said on Tuesday, as tensions simmer with Iran.

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Senior Yemeni Rebel Killed on Saudi Border

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in support of Yemen's government has killed a senior Yemeni rebel leader on the border, a source close to the coalition said on Saturday.

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Obama Set to Veto 9/11 Victims' Bid to Sue Saudis

President Barack Obama is poised to veto legislation exposing Saudi Arabia to court action over the 9/11 attacks, stepping in to defend legal precedent and an awkward ally, but inviting election-time opprobrium.

White House officials say Obama will reject the "Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act" by a Friday veto deadline, after a little over a week of deliberation.

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Two Saudi Policemen Shot Dead in Mainly Shiite City

Unidentified gunmen killed two Saudi policemen in the mainly Shiite eastern city of Dammam late on Saturday, the interior ministry said, describing it as a "terrorist attack."

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Saudi Shoots Down Missile from Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition battling rebels in Yemen said Monday it shot down a missile fired by the insurgents towards an airbase in southern Saudi Arabia.

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