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Witnesses Recount Panic, Horror of Istanbul Airport Carnage

A petrified honeymoon couple hugged each other inside a hair salon cupboard as shots rang out outside, praying the gunmen rampaging through Istanbul's airport would not find them.

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Airport Blasts Slam Turkey's Struggling Tourism Industry

Turkey's already limping tourism industry is suffering a fresh grievous blow after the latest in a series of attacks targeted at tourists claimed dozens of lives, analysts said Wednesday.

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13 Foreigners among 41 Dead as Turkey Blames IS for Airport Carnage

Turkey pointed the finger of blame at Islamic State jihadists Wednesday after suicide bombers armed with automatic rifles attacked Istanbul's main international airport, killing 41 people, including foreigners.

Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic on Tuesday evening as the attackers began shooting indiscriminately and then blew themselves up at the entrance to Ataturk airport, one of Europe's busiest hubs.

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Russia Says Possible to 'Normalize' Ties with Turkey within 'Several Days'

Russian President Vladimir Putin is to hold his first phone call with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan since Ankara downed one of Moscow's warplanes in Syria, the Kremlin said Tuesday.

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Turkish PM Retracts Compensation Offer for Downed Russia Jet

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on Tuesday went back on an earlier offer of compensation to Russia for shooting down one of Moscow's military jets in November, media reported.

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Making Up: A Timeline of Israel-Turkey Relations

Israel was a longtime regional ally of Turkey until its 2010 commando raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla left 10 Turkish activists dead.

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Erdogan Apologizes to Putin over Downed Jet, Says Kremlin

The Kremlin said Monday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had apologized to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over Ankara's downing of one of Moscow's military jets in Syria last year that shattered ties.

Putin has repeatedly demanded an apology from Erdogan since the November 24 incident and the latest move could help spell the end of a feud that has seen Moscow slap a raft of sanctions on Ankara.

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Turkey Allows German Minister Visit after Air Base Row

Turkey said Monday it would allow Germany's defense minister to visit an air base in the south of the country after sparking a row by barring a German delegation from making the trip.

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Turkey PM Says Israel to Pay $20 mn Compensation for 2010 Raid

A breakthrough Israel-Turkey deal following six years of acrimony will see Israel pay $20 million (18.14 million euros) in compensation for a deadly 2010 commando raid, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said Monday.

The deal will also see the two countries exchange ambassadors "as soon as possible", Yildirim told a press conference in Ankara.

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EU, Turkey to Open New Membership Talks

The EU will open new membership talks with Turkey as planned in a few days, EU diplomatic sources said Wednesday, just as Ankara's accession becomes a hot-button issue in Britain's vote on its future in the bloc.

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