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Jailed Kurdish Leader Warns IS Victory Would End Turkey Peace Process

The jailed leader of Turkey's outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged a 30-year insurgency for self-rule, warned on Thursday the peace process could collapse if Islamic State militants seize a key Syrian border town.

IS militants have in recent days advanced close to the Syrian Kurdish town of Ain al-Arab, known as Kobane to the Kurds, a few kilometers south of the Turkish border.

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IS at Gates of Syria Border Town as Turkey Mulls Action

Islamic State fighters were at the gates of a key Kurdish town on the Syrian border with Turkey on Thursday as its parliament prepared to vote on authorizing military intervention against the jihadists.

Kurdish militiamen backed by U.S.-led air strikes were locked in fierce fighting to prevent the besieged border town of Kobane from falling to IS group fighters.

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Turkey Pushes for More than 'Dropping Tons of Bombs' on IS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pressed the West on Wednesday to find a longterm solution to the crises in Syria and Iraq, saying dropping "tons of bombs" on Islamic State militants would only provide temporary respite.

Erdogan has pushed for the ousting of President Bashar Assad throughout the Syria crisis to settle the conflict and said that international action had to go well beyond air strikes.

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Turkish Police Detain 'IS Sympathizers' after Student Protest

Turkish police on Wednesday detained three students at Istanbul University suspected of being sympathizers of the Islamic State (IS) group following clashes at an anti-jihadist campus protest, reports said.

Police stormed the university's faculty of humanities and science in Istanbul's Beyazit district after Islamist students armed with sticks and stones attacked another group protesting against IS.

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Turkish Kurds Uneasily Watch Fight for Besieged Syrian Town

Sitting on a hill just a few kilometers from the clashes between Islamic State insurgents and Kurdish militia, a group of Turkish Kurds have found the ideal vantage point to follow the deadly fighting in the distance.

Like spectators watching a sporting event, some munch on sunflower seeds and search for signs of which side has gained the upper hand in the battle raging across the border in Syria.

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U.S.-Led Strikes Hit IS outside Syria's Ain al-Arab

U.S.-led forces carried out at least five air strikes on Wednesday against Islamic State group fighters attacking the Syrian Kurdish town of Ain al-Arab, a monitoring group said.

The strikes hit IS positions south and southeast of the town, known as Kobane by the Kurds, which the jihadists have been battling to take for more than two weeks, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

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Turkey Says IS Nearing Shah Tomb, Seeks Parliament OK for Military Steps

Turkey on Tuesday said Islamic State (IS) militants were advancing on a tiny exclave considered Turkish territory in northern Syria, but insisted it was still in control of the land despite reports its guards there were encircled.

The tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire Osman I, on the Euphrates river, is Turkish territory under a 1920s treaty and still guarded by a few dozen Turkish troops.

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Ibrahim Reportedly Begins Foreign Trip on Troops Case, Says Progress Made

General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim has said that the negotiations to secure the release of the so-called Arsal hostages were on the right track.

Ibrahim told As Safir daily in remarks published on Tuesday that there was progress in the talks aimed at setting free the soldiers and policemen taken captive by jihadists from the northeastern border town of Arsal last month.

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Turkish Kurd Leader Visits Besieged Syrian Town, Urges Action

One of the leaders of a Turkish pro-Kurdish party on Tuesday crossed the border to visit the Syrian town of Ain al-Arab which has been besieged by IS militants, calling for urgent action by Turkey against the jihadists.

Selahattin Demirtas, a co-leader of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) who came in third against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in August presidential elections, also met a senior Syrian Kurd leader in the town, known as Kobane to the Kurds.

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IS Jihadists Within 5 km of Key Syria Border Town

Islamic State jihadists advanced Monday to within five kilometers (three miles) of the key Kurdish town of Ain al-Arab on Syria's border with Turkey, a monitor said.

"They are five kilometers to the south and southeast of Kobane," said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, using the Kurdish name for Ain al-Arab.

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