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Jumblat Advises Miqati to Ignore U.S. Pressure, Calls for Calm Dialogue on Hizbullah Arms

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has urged all Lebanese political parties to use a calmer political rhetoric to prevent any clashes between foes.

He addressed caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri in remarks to As Safir daily on Friday, asking him if he sees any solution to the issue of Hizbullah’s arms except for “calm and rational dialogue.”

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U.S. Worried Gadhafi Could Return to 'Terrorism'

A senior U.S. official warned Thursday there was a "very real danger" that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi could return to terrorism if he is allowed to consolidate his control over the fractured nation.

There is "a very real danger that if Gadhafi is successful on the ground, that you also face a number of considerable risks as well, the dangers of him returning to terrorism and violent extremism himself," under secretary of state for political affairs William Burns told U.S. senators.

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Clinton Arrives in Egypt on 1st Post-Mubarak Visit

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Cairo Tuesday seeking a partnership with Egypt in its transition to democracy, as she became the highest U.S. official to visit since Hosni Mubarak was toppled.

Clinton held evening talks with her Egyptian counterpart Nabil al-Arabi at the old foreign ministry building hard by Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the 18 days of mass protests that led to Mubarak's overthrow.

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U.S. Intelligence Chief: We Should Keep up Lebanon Military Aid

The United States should maintain military aid to the Lebanese army even if the government becomes controlled by Hizbullah, U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper said Thursday.

"I would think that to the extent that we can sustain influence and insight and help counterbalance the Hizbullah military wing, that it would be a good idea," Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told U.S. lawmakers.

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Report: U.S. Scolded Salameh Over Alleged Transfer of Billions from Syria to Lebanon

U.S. officials have reportedly chided Central Bank governor Riyad Salameh for helping Syria escape U.S. sanctions five years ago by transferring billions of dollars to Lebanon.

Al-Akhbar daily said Thursday that the officials told Salameh during his visit to Washington last week that the Central Bank’s move led to a cover up to illegitimate operations carried out by several Lebanese banks, including alleged money laundering.

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Bomb Attack on Pakistan Gas Station Kills 20

A massive bomb blast by suspected Islamic militants at a gas station in Pakistan's central Punjab province Tuesday killed at least 20 people and wounded 127 others, senior officials said.

"Now the death toll is 20. We have 127 wounded," city administration official Naseem Sadiq told Agence France Presse by telephone.

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U.S. Lawmaker Urges Obama Administration to Stop Aiding Lebanese Army

U.S. Congressman Steve Chabot, the new chairman of the U.S. House's Middle East subcommittee, has blasted the Obama administration over "its impotent response to Iran's repression of the opposition movement in 2009," Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday.

In an interview with the Israeli newspaper, Chabot charged that "Iran feels stronger" as a result of that reaction, arguing that such strengthening of Iran contributed to "the rise of Hizbullah in Lebanon."

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Qaouq: Bellemare’s Requests Consolidate Divisions Among Lebanese

Hizbullah official in the south Sheikh Nabil Qaouq has said that Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare’s requests for data and information on the Lebanese consolidate divisions in the country.

Qaouq said the objectives of Bellemare and the U.S. won’t be achieved after a change in the parliamentary majority that is now led by Hizbullah.

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Obama Says U.S. Examining 'Full Range of Options' on Libya

U.S. President Barack Obama said Thursday he is examining the "full range" of military options, including a no-fly zone, if the revolt in Libya turns into a bloody stalemate and humanitarian disaster.

Accusing Moammar Gadhafi of encouraging violence against his citizens, Obama again called on the Libyan leader to stand down for the good of his country.

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Pentagon Cautious but Not Against Libya No-Fly Zone

The U.S. military is not opposed to imposing a no-fly zone over Libya, the Pentagon said on Thursday, despite a stream of skeptical comments by defense leaders.

The caution expressed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and senior officers over a potential no-fly zone or other military action "should not be interpreted as somehow an opposition to doing this," Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell told MSNBC television.

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