Echoes of Sectarian War as 49 Iraqis Killed

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Suicide bombings and other attacks killed 30 people in Iraq Wednesday, and authorities found the bodies of 19 others shot dead in Baghdad, scenes eerily reminiscent of the country's gruesome sectarian war.

The latest violence, just months ahead of landmark elections, pushed the number of slain so far this year above 6,000 as the country endures its worst prolonged spate of bloodshed since 2008.

Although there have been no claims of responsibility for much of the unrest, authorities are concerned about a resurgent al-Qaida, emboldened by the civil war raging in neighboring Syria.

Most of the violence struck Baghdad and Sunni Arab areas of northern and western Iraq, which have borne the brunt of the months-long spike in bloodletting.

Four suicide bombers detonated their explosives, but the carnage could have been much worse because security forces shot dead several would-be suicide attackers.

Meanwhile, in two separate areas of the capital, police found the bodies of 14 men, all in their 20s or 30s, and all shot dead, medical officials said.

Eight of the corpses were found blindfolded in the mostly Sunni Dura neighborhood, while six others had been dumped in a canal in mostly Shiite Shuala.

In the northern district of Hurriyah, a family of five -- three men and two women -- were shot dead in their home in a pre-dawn attack.

At the peak of sectarian fighting, Sunni and Shiite militiamen would regularly carry out tit-for-tat kidnappings and assassinations and leave scores of corpses littering the streets, many of them bound, blindfolded and showing signs of torture.

Shootings, bombings and mortar fire in various other parts of the capital left five others dead Wednesday.

Elsewhere, shootings and bombings -- including four suicide attacks -- killed 25 people.

In Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad, a man blew himself up in the middle of a funeral, killing nine people.

In northern Diyala province, a vehicle rigged with explosives and detonated by a suicide attacker killed three members of Kurdish peshmerga forces.

Two separate attacks involving multiple suicide bombers against police near Ramadi, west of Baghdad, killed at least seven policemen and left 15 others wounded.

One of the attacks involved a car bomb set off by a suicide attacker on the western outskirts of the city, followed by a firefight between militants and police in which four suicide bombers blew themselves up.

Five policemen were killed and 11 were wounded.

A separate suicide bombing at a police station just north of the city killed two more policemen and left four wounded.

Ramadi is the capital of the western desert province of Anbar, which shares a long border with Syria. Sunni militants linked to al-Qaida have exploited the relative lack of security to set up training camps and carry out attacks on both sides of the frontier.

Shootings in and around Mosul left five people dead, and a Sunni anti-Qaida militiaman was gunned down in Salaheddin province.

The government has trumpeted wide-ranging security operations targeting militants, primarily in Sunni-majority areas in the north and west, including the arrest of 25 people on Wednesday, but daily attacks have shown no sign of abating.

More than 6,000 people have been killed so far this year, according to an Agence France Presse tally based on reports from security and medical officials.

Diplomats, analysts and rights groups say the government is not doing enough to address the root causes of the unrest, particularly disquiet among Sunnis over alleged mistreatment at the hands of the Shiite-led authorities.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki used a recent trip to Washington to push for greater intelligence sharing and the timely delivery of new weapons systems in a bid to combat militants, while France and Turkey have offered assistance.

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Missing Dimitrov 27 November 2013, 11:04

That's the price of the American "Democracy"!

Missing VINCENT 28 November 2013, 02:30

Correct. The type of Jeffersonian Democracy was born uniquely in the U.S., and it is malleable enough that shaped, formed and survived throughout the migration of vast variety of cultures who came to the U.S. Having said that, what the U.S. did may have opened a window of opportunity for the Iraqi sects to form their own and live peacefully.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2013, 15:35

Same al qaeda that suicide themselves in Syria and Lebanon

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 16:28

I am amazed how one sided your view is.
If you read the article carefully - it depicts several savage killings perpetrated by Iraki Shiaa against Sunni as well. And several car bombing against Iraki Sunni cities as well.
Hezbollah & Bashar intelligence services have been caught implicated behind terrorist bombing in Lebanon just as much as those Takfiris Qaida terrorist groups.
In Syria - Bashar probably hasn't found the need to use car bombs yet, because he is using his airforce to bomb his enemies areas with the same effect.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2013, 17:10

@anonymetexasusa What do you call the people that fights against terrorism? Your beloved USA did the same after 9/11 whats wrong with Bashar doing the same in his country? The only 1 point view i see is yours. I don't like westernes views aswell as AL qaedas because i know in the end, they are just 2 different sides of the same coin.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2013, 17:11

And no its untrue that Shias fight back at all, they didn't even fight back after years of torment and suicide bombings by the Sunni population, i hope that they will actually wake up now and fight back.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 17:52

Shiaa not fighting back now you are deliberately falsifying the facts.
First of all Al-Maliki Shiaa gov & his faithful Shiaa armed & security forces have been on a campaign against any Sunni political opponents for years and not just chasing qaida groups. He deliberately branded the Sunni vice president along with his coalition (his opposition) as terrorists and unleashed his security forces against them.
Second: if you read the part of the article where they depict how X amount of bodies were found in a Sunni neighborhood and Y amount of bodies were found in a Shiaa neighborhood. I.e. both sides have murdered people. Hence the Article's bad Omen title.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 18:24

Do you know why Maliki didn't do a good job chasing Qaida. Because he was too busy chasing Sunni political figures out of gov - as I said he chased the main Sunni coalition out of gov.
If he was truely fair & wanted just to chase Qaida out as claimed then the Sunnis would have helped him - Rmember it was the Sunni Tribes Awakening campaign who decimated all Al-Qaida groups in their areas. Only to see Maliki & his security/armed forces kick them out of gov & marginalize them.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2013, 18:26

As far as i remember texas, Al Qaeda was in Iraq long before maliki got elected. So your theories doesn't add up.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 18:49

Oh so now you chose to negate that "Sunni Tribes Awakening" that chased Al-Qaida in Irak to the brink of extinction - has ever happened.
I did say you are deliberately falsifying facts to suit your purpose.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2013, 20:39

Yes i deny that it ever happend, because Al Qaeda is still in Iraq with big force.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 20:55

Thanks mystic.
Now I know that I m waisting my time talking to you.
What if I deny that your Mehdi ever would you feel.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2013, 21:21

I couldn't care less mr. texas, i'm not a wahabi, i don't behead people for saying stuff about religion.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 21:31

So if I say your Mehdi never existed then I would be right then.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 16:18

What does America has to do with any of this.
Read the article carefully - both Shiaa & Sunni gunmen are behind these viscous killings.
America has left Iraq for a while now.
What you are seeing in Iraq is a century old blood feud between Sunnis & Shiaa exacerbated by Iran vs KSA proxy war fighting on the Iraqi scene.

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 16:18

What does America has to do with any of this.
Read the article carefully - both Shiaa & Sunni gunmen are behind these viscous killings.
America has left Iraq for a while now.
What you are seeing in Iraq is a century old blood feud between Sunnis & Shiaa exacerbated by Iran vs KSA proxy war fighting on the Iraqi scene.

Default-user-icon Justice (Guest) 27 November 2013, 19:01

Shia death squads are no diffrent than alqaida. Only a hypocrite would defend one over the other.
The mehdi army and the badr brigades are two terrorist shiite militias who specialize in bombings, cutting, raping, torturing etc. Even women are victims of them so careful who you take as heroes.

Missing helicopter 27 November 2013, 19:34

Iraq, Syria or Lebanon ....... war torn countries because Sectarian affiliation supersedes National affiliation. Shiite extremists follow Iran, Sunni extremists follow KSA, minorities try to shelter themselves under dictators or seek protection of the strong. And Dictators get away being so under the slogan of resistance or religion. What a pity.

Missing toronto 27 November 2013, 19:37

texas dont waste your time with someone with no intellect, all the facts you have stated are true. yo think ths clown knows anything about iraq. only his propaganda. but i must those iraq sunnis were betrayed by the shias just how it has happened here in lebanon. the moral of the story is never the shia

Missing toronto 27 November 2013, 19:37

never trust the shia

Missing anonymetexasusa 27 November 2013, 20:48

Okay Southern...I will humor you.
And since these Evil-Villain USA were defeated out of Irak. What has the Good Iranian influence on Iraki government do to correct all the wrongs that these savage evil americans have done.
Noting that when US left - the Sunni Tribes Awakening campaign had already wiped out all the Qaida gangs from their turfs.
So please do tell what actions did this peace-loving Good pro-iranian Iraki gov do console the Iraki population & please do explain why did the Sunni revolted against it and re-allied themselves with Al-Qaida against it.

Missing toronto 28 November 2013, 00:26

hey souther it was your buddies the shia in iraq that came on the top of the us tanks, and lets not forget sistani forbidining shia to fight the americans. you shia scum were killing each other by the hundreds to get power. all of you hezb iran can never reply to this, jst deny it and call us american agents.