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Trump's First 100 Days: A Chaotic Discovery of Power

From the resounding setbacks in Congress to the stunning policy flip-flops, Donald Trump has certainly been confronted with a steep learning curve in his opening months at the White House.

While the new US president has shown a capacity to change both his tone and his positions, Trump has struggled to convey a clearly articulated worldview.

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Roadside Bomb Kills 9 in Pakistan

At least nine people were killed, including women and children, and 13 others injured when a passenger vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Pakistan's northwest tribal region bordering Afghanistan on Tuesday, officials said.

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Central Chile Hit by 6.9-Magnitude Quake

A strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake rattled central Chile on Monday, US geologists said. 

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Trump Stresses Importance of Remembering Holocaust Lessons

US President Donald Trump on Monday stressed the importance of remembering lessons of the Holocaust, underscoring the need to "remain vigilant against hateful ideologies and indifference." 

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France's Macron, Le Pen to Attend Ceremony for Murdered Policeman

Pro-globalization centrist Emmanuel Macron and anti-immigration Marine Le Pen are Tuesday to attend a ceremony honoring the policeman killed by a jihadist in an attack on the Champs Elysees, as they push ahead with France's presidential race.

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Pentagon Chief Warns of 'Tough Year' for Afghanistan

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned of "another tough year" in Afghanistan as he arrived on an unannounced visit Monday, hours after his Afghan counterpart resigned over a deadly Taliban attack that triggered anger and left the embattled army in disarray.

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ICC Unveils Arrest Warrant for ex-Gadhafi Security Chief

International judges on Monday unsealed an arrest warrant for Libya's former security chief, accusing him of carrying out war crimes in 2011 to quash opposition to late dictator Moamer Gadhafi.

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Freed Kuwait Opposition Leader Calls for Reconciliation

Prominent Kuwaiti opposition leader Mussallam al-Barrak called on Monday for national reconciliation to rescue the oil-rich Gulf state just days after his release from jail.

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Pence the Clean-Up Act in Trump's First 100 Days

Mike Pence has spent many of his first 100 days as U.S. vice president ironing out Trump-induced problems at home and abroad, but he's also been steadily building political capital of his own. 

Whether it's on an isolated runway in the South Pacific or in a hotel ballroom stateside, a positive meeting or a challenging one, in Seoul or in Sydney, Mike Pence is always "honored" to be there.

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Pentagon: Russia Flies Multiple Bomber Missions near Alaska

Russian warplanes last week flew a series of missions near Alaska, prompting the North American air defense agency to scramble U.S. and Canadian jets, officials said Monday. 

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