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PM Pauses Brexit Bill after Losing Timetable Vote

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday he will pause efforts to pass his Brexit deal, after MPs gave their preliminary approval for it but rejected his timetable to push it through parliament this week.

"We will pause this legislation," Johnson told lawmakers, adding he would consult with European Union leaders about a further Brexit delay but insisting Britain should still leave the bloc as scheduled on October 31.

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Erdogan Hails 'Historic Agreement' with Putin over Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hailed "a historic agreement" with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin after hours of talks between the two leaders over the conflict in Syria.

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Lebanon, Chile, Algeria, Hong Kong: The Planet in Revolt

Authorities are battling popular uprisings in several parts of the world at once as people from vastly different countries -- from Lebanon to Hong Kong -- rage against common enemies: economic inequality and perceived marginalization.

- It's about money -

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Chemical Weapons Watchdog Checking Kurdish Allegations in Syria

The UN's chemical weapons watchdog said Tuesday it was checking Kurdish allegations that Turkish forces fired non-conventional weapons in northern Syria, but emphasized it had not launched a formal investigation.

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Netanyahu Suffers Defeat in Failing to Form Israeli Government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suffered a serious defeat in his bid to stay on as premier by failing to form a new coalition government, but his opponent faced similar difficulties on Tuesday.

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Berlin Divided over Surprise Call for Syria Security Zone

German Chancellor Angela Merkel threw her support Tuesday behind a controversial call by her defense minister for international troops to create a "safe zone" in northeastern Syria.

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Victorious but Weakened, Trudeau Needs Help to Form Government

A weakened Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set out Tuesday to secure the support of smaller parties he will need to form a government after winning Canada's nail-biter general election but falling short of a majority.

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157 Dead in Iraq Protests: New Official Toll

The death toll from week-long anti-government protests that erupted in the Iraqi capital and other cities at the start of the month totaled 157, an official inquiry found on Tuesday.

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Hariri Eyes 'Very Positive' Donor Response to Reforms

Prime Minister Saad Hariri started meeting foreign envoys Tuesday, his adviser said, adding that he expected a very positive response to the cabinet's adoption of major economic reforms.

Senior adviser Nadim Munla said Hariri had begun a series of meetings with key ambassadors in Beirut, six days into a mass anti-government protest movement, which has drawn muted reactions from Lebanon's top foreign allies.

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Popular Revolt Puts Hizbullah under Rare Street Pressure

When mass anti-government protests engulfed Lebanon, a taboo was broken as strongholds of Hizbullah saw rare demonstrations criticizing the party and revered leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

On live TV and in protest sites, citizens accused the party of providing political cover for a corrupt government that they say has robbed people of their livelihoods.

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