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Oil Prices Jump as Trump Cracks Down on Iranian Exports

Oil prices jumped to near six-month highs on Monday as the Trump administration cracked down on Iranian oil exports, announcing it would no longer grant waivers from US sanctions.

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Spain PM, Rivals Clash over Catalonia in Election Debate

Spain's outgoing prime minister faced an onslaught of criticism Monday from his right-wing rivals over Catalonia's secession crisis in a testy four-way debate ahead of elections, while he warned them against cozying up to the far-right.

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Kim Woos Putin as N. Korean Labourers Toil in Russia

While North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is wined and dined with Vladimir Putin in Russia this week, around 10,000 of his citizens will be labouring around the country to earn money for his government.

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Trumps Says Congress 'Can't Impeach' Him

US President Donald Trump said Monday that Congress "can't impeach" him over the findings of the Mueller report into Russian election meddling and his alleged attempts to hamper the investigation.

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Sri Lanka Falls Silent for Victims of Islamist Attack

Sri Lanka began a day of national mourning Tuesday with three minutes of silence to honour more than 300 people killed in suicide bomb blasts that have been blamed on a local Islamist group.

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U.S. Puts Up $10 mn Reward for Hizbullah Information

The United States on Monday offered a $10 million reward for information that would disrupt the finances of Lebanon's Shiite militant movement Hizbullah.

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Ukraine Leaps into Unknown after Comic Elected President

Ukraine leapt into the unknown Monday after comedian Volodymyr Zelensky was elected president on promises of change but with just a vague blueprint of what he might do as leader.

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Merkel Pledges Support to Ukraine after Zelensky Win

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday congratulated comedian Volodymyr Zelensky on his landslide victory in Ukraine's presidential election, saying she hopes the vote will help stabilise the troubled country.

"I congratulate you on your election," Merkel said in a statement.

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Final Day of Egyptian Referendum to Extend Sisi's Rule

Polls opened Monday for a third and final day of voting in Egypt on constitutional changes that could keep President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in power until 2030.

Sisi, who handily won to become president in 2014 and was re-elected in 2018 after eliminating all serious political competitors, is widely expected to garner a comfortable win in the three-day referendum.

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Sudan Tensions Escalate after Talks with Military Break Down

Tensions are rising in Sudan after talks broke down between protesters and the country's military rulers who earlier in April ousted President Omar al-Bashir after months of street protests against his rule.

Large crowds lit up the night sky with their cellphones, singing and chanting as protest leaders delivered fiery speeches in the capital, Khartoum, on Sunday night.

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