Berri Warns Assassins Could Target a Shiite in Aftermath of Shatah's Murder

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri has described Lebanon as a “psychiatric hospital,” warning that the next bomb target could be an official from the Shiite sect in an attempt to widen the divide between Muslims and create strife.

In remarks published in As Safir daily on Tuesday, Berri expressed fears that a Shiite personality would be targeted in the aftermath of the assassination of former Finance Minister Mohammed Shatah, a Sunni.

Such an attempt is aimed at hinting that the Sunnis are avenging Shatah's murder, he said.

Berri warned that such attacks would widen the differences between Sunnis and Shiites and lead to sectarian strife.

Shatah, who was al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri's adviser, was killed in a car bombing in downtime Beirut on Friday.

As Safir said that the speaker has asked his Amal movement's security official Ahmed al-Baalbaki to be on alert to confront the dangers.

The speaker also warned against the formation of a fait accompli government after hints by President Michel Suleiman that such a move would be made soon.

“Any cabinet that comes from outside national consensus, whether it was neutral or not, would lead to dangerous repercussions,” he said.

“Such a unilateral move would abolish the presidential elections,” Berri warned.

Hizbullah officials have also made similar warnings. The March 8 alliance, which includes both parties, is calling for the formation of a government in which it would get nine ministers along with March 14 and centrists would get six.

But the March 14 camp is sticking to its demand for a non-partisan government.

“Any attempt to impose a government (line-up) on others would automatically lead to a total freeze” in ties between the rival parties, Berri told As Safir.

“This way, there won't be any appropriate atmosphere to hold the presidential elections,” he said.

Any attempt to form a neutral cabinet should be preceded by new consultations between the president and parliamentary blocs to choose another prime minister, Berri said.

“Premier-designate Tammam Salam is not neutral,” he said, adding that he is part of the March 14 alliance.

“He should give up his task and hold new parliamentary consultations if a non partisan cabinet is to be formed,” Berri said.

“The government cannot be imposed on us no matter what its size or form is,” he warned.

The speaker stressed that he would work to hold the presidential elections on time.

“I will exert all efforts to guarantee the election of a new president within the deadline” set by the Constitution, he said.

Suleiman's six-year term ends in May 2014. The Constitution sets March 25 as the start of parliamentary sessions to elect a new head of state.

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Thumb cedre 31 December 2013, 08:27

who are they going to kill this time ?

Thumb ice-man 31 December 2013, 08:32

a Pro Hariri Shiite.

Thumb cedre 31 December 2013, 09:12


Thumb _mowaten_ 31 December 2013, 13:53

the difference being, if am8 figure is assassinated, m8 wont call for war on m14, because they're smart enough to know this is a divide and conquer game being played on us all.

Thumb FlameCatcher 31 December 2013, 16:04

@Mowaten : What do you mean M8 won't call for war ? They started this war. They are fighting it in Syria and Lebanon! Stop your BS. How the hell can M14 call for war ? With what army you idiot ?

Fact is M8 has started this war and will not stop before they take over the country which will never happen without bloodshed. They failed at politics, they failed at democracy (you can never claim Iranian and Syrian sponsored groups are in any way democratic).

There can and will never be a co-existence of the Lebanese state and Hezbollah army. One will have to dissappear. Let's hope it's going to be Hezbollah.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 31 December 2013, 17:55

momo- what do you call all the murders HA, who is a member of M8, have committed against M14? that's not waging war? you crack me up!

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 January 2014, 13:13

lol, logic never wins with you guys. it's pointless to discuss with people who just "decide" who killed who, without the lightest evidence, just as it suits them.

Missing imagine_1979 31 December 2013, 08:59

The have alreaddy targeted hachem salman.... But even if recorded on tapes and pictures flew on the net the dahiywh police doesnot hv enough proof to lauch an investigation.... Tfou...

Thumb _mowaten_ 31 December 2013, 13:57

what about salman's friend who was next to him, pulled a gun and opened fire in front of the embassy?

salman shouldnt have died, it's a very regrettable death, but the blame should go on those who opened fire first, not those who returned fire.

Thumb _mowaten_ 31 December 2013, 13:58

unless, like assir, he was hypnotized into attacking, as part of a big trap set by hezbollah?

Missing imagine_1979 31 December 2013, 14:29

Yes someone opened fire in the airr (after being beatten by some guys in black in front of camera) another got killed, also in front of cameras, armed forces so that's an valid excuse not to get the assassin?... Really???? Man really?????

Thumb _mowaten_ 31 December 2013, 14:55

embassy guards fired back, and s... ensued! yes, pulling out a gun and firing in front of an embassy is a sure way to make s... happen.

Missing imagine_1979 31 December 2013, 15:05

So no concequence for the killing?... Nice, very modern and democratic thinking... Bravo, today u r breaking all the scores....

Thumb irus_da_virus 31 December 2013, 08:49

No need to be worried Mr Berri about possible assassinations that could or may happen, hizballah actually assassinated a shiite a few months ago near the embassy, or you don't consider that act murder?It was self defence, right!

Thumb general_puppet 31 December 2013, 09:06

Berri, you and your kind never worried about all the bombs that have killed M14 personalities… but now that your bosses Assad & Nesrallah no longer have a monopoly on car bomb assassinations you are worried?

Thumb geha 31 December 2013, 09:15

actually, the only way out of this for hizbushaitan is by bombing one of their own to hide what they did.
they might kill a secondary useless for them person just to divert attention.

Thumb _mowaten_ 31 December 2013, 13:55

i know you have the attention span of a goldfish, but it's not the case of 90% of people and 100% of people who matter.

killing a secondary person like chatah was not a way to divert attention, to the contrary, it was to focus it on sectarian hatred.

Missing imagine_1979 31 December 2013, 14:31

It is the 13th one, all anti syrian regime and each time it is the syonist, takfiri.... The 13th one, please cut the crap....

Thumb _mowaten_ 31 December 2013, 14:53

the what? 13th one of what?

Thumb geha 31 December 2013, 17:10

Shatah was a primary intellectual peaceful person that was killed by hizbushaitan.

to cover up, as suggested by berry, they might kill one of their secondary useless guys.

I hope the idiot mowaten can understand this now.

Happy New Year to all.

Thumb saturn 31 December 2013, 10:53

Mr. Berri, double your guard, it's you!

Missing Dimitrov 31 December 2013, 13:08

I am still wondering, why the Lebanese 1st monument of the "Unknown Suiside Bomber" was built in Zahrani, close to Berry's residence! It was in late 1995!

Thumb -phoenix1 31 December 2013, 13:11

Mr. Berri, it's true, Lebanon is now a lot like what you described it, and you and your likes must take the credit for it. If there was any such awards, believe me you would be among the top contenders. What did we ever ask for Sir? For a country at peace? In economic prosperity for all it's citizens? In a country where we are all the same and under the law? And what did you and our dear Sayed Hassan do, but take us from one utterly crazy adventure to the other. Mr. Berri, it's new year's eve, thanks to you people, Lebanon today looks a lot more like a graveyard than a festive one. Two colors belong to you, black and grey.

Missing peace 31 December 2013, 13:24

sure M8 is able to kill one of their own to fulfill berry's prediction and justify the iranian mlitia's presence in syria....LOL

Missing imagine_1979 31 December 2013, 14:44

This is perfectly right they will procede with the governement, after 13 political assassinations, assassination attempts, black shirts, 7ayyar, tripoli bombings, smaha/mamlouk, going to syria and bringing shit back home... So thank u for u kind advices but enough is enough...
Plus one for u anyway... It's new year afterall..

Missing imagine_1979 31 December 2013, 18:13

Thanks :)

Thumb shab 31 December 2013, 14:59

The next assassination is called revenge.

Missing un520 31 December 2013, 15:40

It must be frustrating for Berri, not being in on whos next. He just has to accept that this is Hezbollahs business, while he and his people lubricate the shia-economy with whats left in the Lebanese coffin...

Thumb -phoenix1 31 December 2013, 16:23

Some years ago, speaker Berri said, that one third of the Lebanese will leave Lebanon, the second will die, and the one which will stay will go to Deyr El Salib. Well, it's been years since he said that, but being intransigent on most matters, refusing the obvious, pushing a big proportion of the Lebanese into a corner, ignoring their rights, dispensing second class citizen justice to them will only worsen the sentiments already at boiling point. There's literally no Lebanese that has it in him to hate our Shiite siblings in a natural way, no sensible Lebanese citizen is like that, the hatred rather is focused at what was once deemed a noble resistance then called Hezbollah, now still called Hezbollah but the furthest to what it once was. If this hatred is growing, then the explanation is aplenty for all to see, HA first in line.

Thumb -phoenix1 31 December 2013, 17:01

Thanks LB123, point duly noted, and by the way bro, Happy New Year 2014, trying to squeeze the little time left for me. Enjoy the break.

Missing watan-libnan 31 December 2013, 17:26

Go to hell berri all you care about is lining you own pockets with money you couldn't care less for anyone or anything

Missing mark 02 January 2014, 01:05

Hope this is true. To hell berri faget