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Suicide Vest Seized in Arsal Outskirts as Man Held for Smuggling Grenades

Security forces on Thursday seized an explosive vest and a quantity of arms during a raid in the outskirts of the northeastern border town of Arsal.

“Based on the confessions of a detained terrorist, and as part of its security duties, the General Directorate of General Security carried out a preemptive raid on a terrorist den in the Wadi Ata area in Arsal's outskirts, assisted by the Lebanese Army,” a General Security statement said.

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Quds Day Rally Canceled, Nasrallah to Make Televised Address

Hizbullah has decided to call off a Dahieh mass rally scheduled for Friday over security concerns, the party said in a statement on Thursday.

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Australian TV Crew to be Freed in Toddlers Kidnap Case, Mother Faces Jail Term

Australian reporter Tara Brown and her crew involved in snatching two children on a street in southern Beirut have been charged with a small misdemeanor and will be freed after paying a minimal fine, but the children’s Australian mother Sally Faulkner and the abductors face up to seven years in jail, media reports have said.

Beirut prosecuting judge Rami Abdullah laid formal charges against Faulkner, saying the mother of five-year-old Lahala and three-year-old Noah was critical to the botched kidnapping.

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Baalbek Gunmen Intercept ISF Vehicle, Free Prisoner

Gunmen from the powerful Jaafar clan intercepted an Internal Security Forces prisoner transport vehicle in the eastern city of Baalbek on Thursday and facilitated the escape of an inmate who was being taken to a judicial session, state-run National News Agency reported.

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Cabinet Tackles Security Situation away from Thorny Files

An ordinary cabinet session chaired by Prime Minister Tammam Salam convened at the Grand Serail on Thursday and focused on the security issues mainly after the Qaa bombings, without touching on any of the controversial files.

“Salam has assured that the Security Forces maintain readiness levels and capability to confront terrorism,” Information Minister Ramzi Jreij said after the meeting.

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Army Foils Terror Plots Planned by the Islamic State

The army intelligence said on Thursday that it had foiled two Islamic State group plots that aimed to carry out attacks on a tourist facility and a densely populated area in Lebanon, the Army Command Orientation Directorate said in a statement on Thursday.

“The army was able to thwart a highly dangerous scheme planned by the terrorist Islamic State group,” the statement said.

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Hariri and Geagea Denounce Qaa Bombings, Reject Self-Security

Al-Mustaqbal Movement chief MP Saad Hariri met with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea late on Wednesday where talks denounced the attacks that targeted the eastern town of al-Qaa and rejected the principle of “autonomous security”, Hariri's media office said on Thursday.

Hariri received Geagea, accompanied by LF media officer Melhem Riachi, over a Suhoor banquet in the Central House in the presence of Hariri's adviser Ghattas Khoury.

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Man Opens Fire on Resistance Brigades Official in Central Bekaa

An unknown assailant opened gunfire at the vehicle of the Resistance Brigades official in the central Bekaa valley in eastern Lebanon without hurting him, the state-run National News Agency reported on Thursday.

The shooter opened fire at the black BMW when the official, Rami Mohammed Hamoura, parked his car near his place of residence in Bar Elias.

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Report: Security Situation Growing More Difficult

The security situation in Lebanon will become more difficult in light of an intensified campaign to eradicate terrorism in the region, As Safir daily reported on Thursday.

The situation is to become harder in light of reports alleging that the terror groups are using new tactics of bringing candidates for the attacks they carry out from outside Lebanon, a related source told the daily on condition of anonymity.

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Mashnouq: Qaa Bombers Came from Raqa, Westerners May be a Target

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq announced Wednesday that the suicide bombers who attacked the eastern border town of al-Qaa “came from Raqa,” the de facto capital of the Islamic State group in Syria, while noting that detainees recently arrested in Lebanon had confessed that the IS was seeking to “target touristic sites frequented by Westerners” in the country.

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