Jumblat Proposes Giving Foreign Ministry to Aoun but Bassil Throws Ball in Salam's Court

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A new proposal has been made to grant the foreign ministry portfolio to the Change and Reform bloc in the all-embracing government although caretaker Energy Minister Jebran Bassil said his party hasn't been officially informed about it.

Media reports said Thursday that Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat, who has been mediating the negotiation process, made the proposal to make the foreign ministry, which is a so-called sovereign portfolio, as part of the share of MP Michel Aoun's bloc.

But the reports said that such a suggestion collides with the rest of the “sovereign” shares of Maronites in the all-embracing 24-member government.

Aoun, who is the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, has rejected a deal struck between the country's rival parties on the formation of a cabinet based on the 8-8-8 formula and the rotation of portfolios.

He has been sticking to his demand to keep the energy and telecommunications portfolios as part of his share in the new government despite a mediation by its ally Hizbullah to resolve the deadlock.

This last obstacle, which is hindering the agreement on the line-up, has pushed Hizbullah to ask for an additional 48 hours to resolve it.

But Bassil, who is Aoun's son-in-law, has stressed that no official proposal has been made to the FPM in the past ten days or months.

Premier-designate Tammam Salam hasn't made a clear stance on the portfolios “so that we give a negative or positive opinion about it,” Bassil told As Safir newspaper.

The suggestion to give the FPM the foreign ministry portfolio is part of several proposals made by mediators and friends, he said.

“As if the PM-designate is not the person who should be discussing the cabinet formation with us and the rest of the parties,” Bassil added.

“Salam is mistaken if he thinks that he awaits a certain answer from us because he is asked to provide clear answers to us and not the other way around,” he told As Safir.

“So the problem is with him and not us,” Bassil stressed.

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Missing greatpierro 30 January 2014, 08:19

the issue is not equal representation; the real issue is that aoun wants to keep the lucrative ministries with him; money talk only.

Thumb ice-man 30 January 2014, 08:36

Leb_roar: Please, Enough spam for one day!

Thumb general_puppet 30 January 2014, 09:23

He is on a Roarrrrrr today.

Thumb Mystic 30 January 2014, 08:22

Yes God bless general Aoun for his open mind, and his reluctance to bow down before the Saudis and their m14 allies.

Thumb Mystic 30 January 2014, 08:54

That is what you wish, General Aoun & Mr. Franjieh etc. are the only Christian leaders who cares about Lebanon

Thumb Mystic 30 January 2014, 09:08

I wouldn't write it unless i was 100% sure myself. Now that you call me a liar, brings me joy because then i am sure to be right.

Thumb cedre 30 January 2014, 17:39

not a liar, a qomi-taqiya BSer...

Thumb general_puppet 30 January 2014, 09:16

Great so the ministry will go from one Assad lackey to another.

Missing Cyanide 30 January 2014, 16:03

hey roar are u sayin that now isreal is out and we should be friends,sign a truce or a peace treaty

Thumb general_puppet 30 January 2014, 09:22

You never know what you are talking about Mr snore. The Assad clan occupied Lebanon for 30 years… and only their military was expelled, they left behind their lackey militias and their Axis partners to do their dirty work. You think it was a coincidence that all other militias disarmed except the one that had Assad's blessing?

Thumb ice-man 30 January 2014, 09:27

"You mean after Germany was expelled from France...France should keep the war going?"

LOL.....hahahah!!! Well, yeah if Hitler stayed as head of Germany!

Thumb ice-man 30 January 2014, 09:45

Please, leb_roar don't bother with us. You are in a league of your own. Go for that interview at MacDonald's.

Thumb general_puppet 30 January 2014, 09:48

"I wonder why I bother"… the snore is just way too funny today!

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 30 January 2014, 10:14

and as far as we know jumblat is not the premier and not the president
how come he distribute posts ?
and about basil or other ministers can we judge them on their result
let the wizara of power give its budget for 20 years and we see who made good who did not

Thumb beiruti 30 January 2014, 15:36

A bit disgusting, is it not to see the members of the political class bidding for the Ministries like its some form of private lottery among themselves, rather than public office. Oh, that's right, this is Lebanon, it is a private lottery held for the exclusive members of the political class.
Who will win the jackpot? Certainly not the people of Lebanon

Thumb beiruti 30 January 2014, 15:39

I always observe political developments in Lebanon, such as this one, not for what they are, only to ask -- why?, but for what they should be so as to ask -- why not?

Default-user-icon AounRetireAlready (Guest) 30 January 2014, 15:50

Holding the energy portfolio is only symbolic because the funds that are generated from oil and gas exploration belong to the Treasury and ultimately the Lebanese people. Aoun can claim that only he can ensure that no funds are siphoned off to corrupt politicians' bank accounts, but this can easily be remedied by having a representative committee that oversees the bidding process and ensures that funds go to government coffers. By insisting that the portfolio should be held by a christian and delaying the formation of a gov, Aoun is further damaging the economy and placing his interests ahead of the state's and the people. Besides, he should be rallying the people behind political causes instead of perpetuating sectarianism. After all christian M14 and christian neutral politicians are not opposed to the rotation of the energy portfolio. Why are you?

Missing Cyanide 30 January 2014, 15:58

yes!!!!! ma he wants to sign on the petrol deal to get the commission.. haram baddo yibki

Thumb eli-g 30 January 2014, 16:54

pillaging is a political art perfected by the Lebanese political class. They call them portfolios and ministries, call them what they really are
private companies for the politicians.

Thumb eli-g 30 January 2014, 16:56

And the Lebanese sheep keep electing them, cheering for them and defending them as you see all over this site.

Thumb cedre 30 January 2014, 17:41

those are not m14 regions, those are sunni regions, resisting HA occupation. And it will stay that way whatever government in Lebanon or Syria...

Thumb cedre 30 January 2014, 17:44

no foreign ministry to m8, let them keep telecom then...
Or a neutral gov, as easy as that...

Thumb -phoenix1 30 January 2014, 20:48

I propose that all you lot, M8 and M14 go home, take a rest, 5 years will be good, and let's have a reduced cabinet of technocrats. Ya 3ammeh, you don't hear what the people want?

Thumb habib 30 January 2014, 23:07

Lbayek wejeneral bi siyara we7di

Thumb amatoury114 31 January 2014, 02:21

not sure where all my posts went