Cabinet Line-up in Coming Days despite Possible Boycott

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Premier-designate Tammam Salam is expected on Wednesday to make small changes to the government line-up that he will likely announce this week despite a scenario of boycott by Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun.

After the last-minute check-up on the names and portfolios, Salam is expected to head to Baabda Palace to propose it to President Michel Suleiman.

After they both agree on it, they will brief Speaker Nabih Berri and would announce the formation decrees.

Aoun on Tuesday reiterated that the formation of a so-called “de facto cabinet” would violate the 1943 National Pact, an unwritten agreement that laid the foundation of Lebanon as a multi-confessional state.

He stressed that sects must be represented in a “fair manner” in the cabinet lineup.

Aoun continues to hold onto his rejection of a cabinet based on the rotation of portfolios despite an agreement reached among the other major factions.

But An Nahar daily quoted informed sources as saying on Wednesday that Salam is committed to the Constitution.

The newspaper also quoted Salam as telling Speaker Nabih Berri that he exerted strong efforts in the past ten months to form the cabinet. “I don't understand the reason for these obstacles.”

His comment to Berri came after the speaker reiterated that he would no longer interfere in the government formation process and that he suggested that the PM-designate continue with his efforts to overcome the obstacles.

The speaker was asked by his visitors what his stance would be if the FPM and Hizbullah ministers boycotted the cabinet.

“I won't answer such a question now because first of all I would look at the cabinet line-up and check its constitutionality to make a final stance,” Berri said.

Berri's remark came amid different scenarios. among them is the pullout of Aoun's ministers from the cabinet and with them the rest of the March 8 ministers.

If such a move was made, then Salam would announce his resignation, the sources said.

This would force Suleiman to hold new binding consultations with parliamentary blocs to name a new prime minister.

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Thumb popeye 05 February 2014, 08:23

Aoun is the least credible human being one can ever come across. He claims a government breaches the constitutional norms if it is formed without his party's participation because he falsely claims he represents the Christians of Lebanon. Yet, he was at ease and willingly participated in a similar government when Mustaqbal was not represented in the current government which represents the Sunnis, the vast majority of them. The argument that Mustaqbal did not want to participate is a useless argument since the same principle should apply and the current government should be deemed unconstitutional. The constitution called for fair representation of sects and not parties. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Thumb general_puppet 05 February 2014, 09:46

Maybe by obstructing the formation of this cabinet Aoun is unknowingly doing Lebanon a favor. The M8 block has a bad track record and can not be trusted. Suleiman and Salam should do what is best for Lebanon and form a technical cabinet.

Thumb geha 05 February 2014, 12:22

the cabinet will be approved.

Thumb ice-man 05 February 2014, 09:42

Salam.... newspaper.... Speaker Berri.... should allow.... FPM.... Resistance.... IMF.... Abyss.... and finally victory!

Thumb cedars2 05 February 2014, 10:32


Thumb general_puppet 05 February 2014, 09:52

"M14 held to impossible demands"… really? So according to you it is all M14's fault.

Thumb mckinl 05 February 2014, 09:59

Mustaqbal was being used by the KSA to abort any Lebanese government that included Hezbollah.

What cleared the matter up was Bandar and Saud al Faisal being sidelined ... Saad was then free to cooperate ...

Thumb ice-man 05 February 2014, 10:02

Yep.... Prince Bandar told Hariri" Accept 9-9-6 cabinet now, better than much worse later". Makes perfect sense as usual.

Missing watan-libnan 05 February 2014, 10:31

Just have the damn elections and the one that has the most votes wins every politicians time has finished anyway so elections are over due as far as i'm concerned all these ministers are occupying the government illegally their mandate is finished