3 Inmates Break out of Roumieh, 2 Arrested

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Armed forces captured two of three inmates who escaped from Lebanon's main jail in Roumieh on Monday.

One of the captured prisoners is Mohammed al-Jouni, a Lebanese who had been jailed for killing an Army Captain from al-Jurdi family during a robbery of BLOM's Elissar branch in 2012.

Reports had said that he was part of a terrorist cell plotting the assassination of several officials and judges, including Speaker Nabih Berri.

Al-Jouni was arrested when the Internal Security Forces and Lebanese Army patrols searched for the escapees in the woods surrounding the prison as soon as news broke out about their escape, the state-run National News Agency said.

The other is also a Lebanese national named Saeed Sabra.

Interior Minister Nuhad al-Mashnouq hoped in remarks to Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) that the escapees would be arrested by Monday evening.

The officers suspected of dereliction of duty will be punished, he said.

Military Tribunal Judge Sami Sader launch an investigation into the break out.

NNA and LBCI said that the inmates escaped at 4:00 am from the bloc of prisoners, who have received sentences, using sheets knotted together to climb down the building.

The third, who is on the run, is Syrian Muhannad Abdul Rahman.

Roumieh, the oldest and largest of Lebanon's overcrowded prisons, has witnessed sporadic prison breaks and escalating riots in recent years as inmates living in poor conditions demand better treatment.

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Default-user-icon sempre (Guest) 24 February 2014, 10:02


Default-user-icon sempre (Guest) 24 February 2014, 12:00

XD you're reallu gonna enjoy yourself with Rifi as justice minister aren't you? Lol.

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 February 2014, 17:40

Boutros Harb or not ... please show me the amazing achievements of Mr Geek Sehnaoui... despite all the announcement, your 3G still doesn't work and your ADSL is not worth more than dialup...

Thumb popeye 24 February 2014, 12:12

Is this what you "concluded" from the article?

I await the day when I will read ONE meaningful post, ONE counter argument, ONE credible or mature info from you,-_Flamethrower_- , but alas!

Thumb -phoenix1 24 February 2014, 13:07

I mean what kind of prison is this? Is it a prison or is it a halfway house? If this was the first time, one could forgive, but repetitively, hell NO!!

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 February 2014, 16:55

Prison escapes, corruption of guards, smuggling of phones, explosives and weapons into jail reached their peaks during M8's governance of Lebanon.

Missing VINCENT 24 February 2014, 23:16

Capital punishment,and it will make a highly rated reality T.B. show.