EDL Contract Workers Say Sit-in to Continue as Parliament Procrastinates Adoption of Draft-law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Electricite du Liban's contract workers have decided to carry on with their sit-in on Wednesday after the parliament postponed taking a decision regarding a draft-law that would turn them into full-time employees, as a seven-member parliamentary panel embarked on studying two proposals regarding their demands.

The workers had staged a protest near the parliament building in downtown Beirut.

“The parliamentary panel's meeting has not ended and if no agreement is reached, we will shut down our offices tomorrow and carry on with the sit-in,” head of EDL contract workers committee Lebnan Makhoul told MTV on Tuesday evening.

Around 8:00 p.m., Speaker Nabih Berri adjourned the legislative session to 10:30 a.m., Wednesday due to lack of quorum.

Around 600 workers marched on Tuesday morning from the EDL headquarters in Mar Mikhael to the central Beirut district seeking to reach the closest area to the parliament building that lies in Nejmeh Square.

Makhoul insisted that protesters would reach the square.

“Our protest will only be held near the parliament,” he told MTV on Tuesday morning.

The demonstrators pushed through the barricade and dozens of policemen in full riot gear blocking their way towards Nejmeh Square. But they stopped at Riad Solh square when a committee of contract workers headed to parliament to hold meetings with MPs over the controversial draft-law, which was the first item on the agenda of the three-day parliamentary session.

MP Ibrahim Kanaan told LBCI after the meeting that several lawmakers, including himself, heard the demands and concerns of the protesters.

Parliament later formed the committee to resolve the dispute on the draft-law and put it to a vote.

If passed, the draft-law would make around 1,800 of them full-timers.

The workers are insisting that the exams they need to take to become employees be carried out by EDL and supervised by the Civil Service Council. They are also demanding compensation, an item missing from the draft-law.

On Monday, the workers blocked the highway near EDL's headquarters and several streets across Lebanon to press for their demands.

Berri said the workers' demands were righteous but stressed at the start of Tuesday's parliamentary session that “the speakership does not approve to legislate under threat.”

The contract workers welcomed the lawmakers' decision to postpone discussions on the draft-law, saying had the parliament approved it, the move would have cast a gloom over their cause.

“We have hope that we would reach a solution,” said Makhoul. “We won't give up our rights.”



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Default-user-icon sempre (Guest) 01 April 2014, 10:47

Is lying incessantly your hobby or part-time profession? You seem very fond and enthusiastic in its indulgence.

Default-user-icon Joseph (Guest) 01 April 2014, 11:02

popeye you seem to blame all the problem of Lebanon on the Shia. Try looking for another way to understand why Lebanon is so screwed up. Shia are not the problem. It is people like you who are very sectarian minded and can't stop blaming Shia for what ever happens in a counry so divde that you can't get 17 religious sects to agree on the color of a white egg.

Thumb popeye 01 April 2014, 12:16

he posts under many screen names and he gives lessons in good citizenship. Shame...

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 April 2014, 12:46

You're right Joseph, Shia are not the problem ! Hezbollah is ! More specifically, Hezbollah's weapons ! We have no problem with Hezbollah itself other than the blasphemy it represents and insult to God but I'm an atheist so I don't personaly care ! I'm just pissed that they usurp the name of God and give him a Kalashnikov for the sheep to believe that their cause is holy and their wars divine ! Also, stop it already with the Cheikh / Sayyed heading a paramilitary organisation some people like me consider to be terrorist ... it's sooooo 1500s...

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 01 April 2014, 11:20

The most urgent law Lebanon needs is one instituting the military draft and the creation of a national reserve force.

Thumb popeye 01 April 2014, 12:15

They siphon off state resources; they are forced on the EDL; they draw huge salaries and social benefits, they forge and claim medicine bills for their village as well; they never show up for work; they never pay for electricity; they support the resistance; they close the airport road whenever they feel like it; and they demonstrate against the state!

Thumb popeye 01 April 2014, 12:16


Default-user-icon Joane (Guest) 01 April 2014, 12:34

You are sectarian in and under every layer of skin. How can you take yourself seriously?

Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2014, 14:10

josephani (joane); can you deny any of what he said...LOL!

Thumb geha 01 April 2014, 16:40

well said popeye. this is exactly what they do, and if I may add: they do not pay their electricity bills.

Missing coolmec 01 April 2014, 12:55

Here is a funny thing
The guy who comes and gives me the electric bill does not work for EDL He told me he works for a company called KVA which is subcontracted to collect monthly dues. So why the fuss about adding additional employees at EDL if they subcontract their work?

Thumb ex-fpm 01 April 2014, 14:03

a relative of Berri

Thumb lebanon_first 01 April 2014, 15:50

coolmec. let me explain it to you.

To reduce the expenses of the state, previous governments decided to privatize the service of collection of EDL bills. they privatized the service to three companies.

In the past, in EDL, the collection effort had 1800 underworked workers(hired by berri to make favors). Today, the companies are doing it with much less labor. Now these 1800 collection workers (who were never employed officially in the state), and who refused to be employed at the private companies, want to be employed in the state to get their fat benefits. There is no work for them, but they dont care.

Missing coolmec 01 April 2014, 21:48

I have no idea who owns KVA I am sure though EDL has something in it if not all

Missing coolmec 01 April 2014, 21:49

Lebanon first
thanks for your explanation it is sad though very sad indeed