STL Informs Murr, Hamadeh that their Assassination Attempts are Linked to Hawi’s and Hariri’s

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Former Defense Minister Elias Murr announced on Thursday that a detailed indictment in the investigation into his attempted assassination will be released soon, reported LBC television.

He made his statements after holding talks with a delegation from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon delegation and General Prosecutor Saeed Mirza, which he described as “a secret meeting.”

He added that what he heard from them “was unfortunate for Lebanon.”

Murr later told LBC that the STL delegation revealed to him the identity of the sides who executed his assassination attempt.

Mirza and the joint U.N. and international investigators commission then held talks with former minister Marwan Hamadeh, who was also a victim of an assassination attempt in 2004.

He said after the meeting that he was satisfied with the progress achieved by the investigation, adding that the tribunal will “inevitably” be established.

"We were summoned to the prosecutor general's office in Beirut and were told by the STL team that the probe had moved forward and that there will be an announcement shortly concerning our cases," said Hamadeh.

"The information we were given is troubling because it reveals the magnitude of the conspiracy," Hamadeh said, refusing to elaborate.

Mirza and STL delegation later met with ex-LBCI anchorwoman May Chidiac, who was a victim of an assassination attempt.

She said after the talks: “Revelations will soon be made in Hamadeh and Murr’s cases and a third one, which I cannot disclose.”

It was later reported that this third case is that of the assassination of former Communist Party leader, George Hawi and that the STL trial will address the Hariri and Hawi assassinations and Hamadeh and Murr attempted murders, all four of which are connected.

The Justice Palace meetings are aimed at informing them that the suspects in ex-Premier Rafik Hariri’s murder are also involved in their assassination attempts, media reports said

If the information is relayed to them, the Lebanese judiciary will take its hands off the files of the three victims and join them to the investigation carried out by the STL in Hariri’s murder, An Nahar daily said on Thursday.

The court’s spokesman has said that it can’t be said that Lebanese authorities have done enough to cooperate with it or finance it.

Lebanese authorities had until August 11 to report on progress made in arresting four men wanted in connection with the massive car bomb explosion in Beirut that killed Hariri and 22 others.

The tribunal said it had been told by Mirza on Tuesday that none of the Hizbullah members it had identified as suspects has been arrested.

According to al-Liwaa daily, the STL would give Lebanese authorities another month to find the suspects or Pre-trial Judge Daniel Fransen could publish the indictment on the court’s website.

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Thumb ithinkthere14iam 11 August 2011, 08:15

Where is sleiman franjieh and why hasn't that rat opened his mouth in weeks!! Him nd Wiam wahhab knew of the Hariri plot nd more than likely they could have known about these attemp beforehand!! When the STL issues the rest of the names, it will be a BOMBSHELL for the Syrian agents in Lebanon!! The new middle east and more importantly a new Lebanon is on the horizon!

Thumb ithinkthere14iam 11 August 2011, 09:38

Rlly naharnet? U must take down my comments on a daily basis? Let me repeat: where the f is sleiman franjieh! This rat hasn't opened his mouth in weeks! Him and wahhab knew of Hariri plot before hand, they could very well had known aout these! When the STL comes out with the remainder of those indicted, the era of Syrian agents ruling Lebanon will be over! These two corrupt and moral-less men r nearing their end! A new, free Lebanon is on the horizon!

Default-user-icon No surprise (Guest) 11 August 2011, 09:46

Yes no surprise. We know that they are behind all that serie of crimes.You have inside your country an armed militia under the order of the syrians who provided them with weapons, security zones, and sensitive posts. They cannot be saints and they are designed as culpable till they demonstrate their innocence.

Default-user-icon Objective (Guest) 11 August 2011, 10:58

Good news, it gives more authentication to the R.H. Murder investigations since for sure they would have find additional clues and proofs that these guys are involved - Awaiting the detailed investigation report

Default-user-icon Martin (Guest) 11 August 2011, 11:36

Chidiac? Now this must be the topping of the STL farce. Go look for her lover's wife to find out who did it to her. The farce must continue, of course.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 11 August 2011, 11:42

No nosurprise, they are under the orders of the iranians their paymasters not the syrians, although this is like a chair with three legs, you won't break one and keep it upright!

Missing th21 11 August 2011, 14:29

Martin, I recommend you refrain from sharing your thoughts unless you have something not fallacious to share. Thanks

Default-user-icon Le Phénicien (Guest) 11 August 2011, 15:55

Chidiac? Now this must be the topping of the STL farce. Go look for her lover's wife to find out who did it to her. The farce must continue, of course.

Default-user-icon M60 (Guest) 11 August 2011, 17:50

To our beloved and naive friends March 8 supporters, please sit down, shut up and put your seat belts on and enjoy the ride.And by the way if you have a helmet I suggest you put it on as well, it is going to be an interesting ride from here on.As for Mr Franjieh and Wahhab I can only guess they must be felling very unsettled as we speak.No need to explain why.