Information Minister Voices Solidarity with Lebanese Journalists Summoned by STL

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Information Minister Ramzi Jreij considered on Monday that the media can criticize the Special Tribunal for Lebanon if there is a need, slamming the summons by the international court of al-Jadeed TV and al-Akhbar newspaper's journalists on charges of “contempt and obstruction of justice.”

“The reports published by the two media outlets are responsible and just criticism,” Jreij said in comments published in As Safir newspaper.

He stressed that “investigations with al-Jadeed and al-Akhbar will prove their innocence.”

The STL announced on Thursday that it has summoned Karma Mohammed Tahsin al-Khayat from al-Jadeed, as well as the station’s parent company New TV S.A.L., and Ibrahim Mohammed al-Amin from al-Akhbar, as well as the newspaper’s parent company Akhbar Beirut S.A.L. to appear before it on two counts of Contempt and Obstruction of Justice.

“The important thing is that the two media outlets defend themselves properly by adopting all the legal means as per the tribunal's mechanism,” the minister noted.

He warned the two journalists of failing to appear before the STL's hearing, saying: “This move will lead to repercussions including the issuance of arrest warrants.”

Jreij said that he is a “staunch advocate of media freedom,” however he noted that the “STL is a legal body and its decisions are binding for Lebanon.”

A meeting was held on Monday at noon in solidarity with the two journalists at the Press Syndicate to defend the “mere truth.”

In April last year, a list of 167 names of so-called witnesses for the Hariri trial was published by a previously unknown group identified as "Journalists for the Truth".

The group said it wanted to "unveil the corruption" of the STL.

Both Al-Akhbar and Al-Jadeed published the list.

The STL, established at Lebanon's request, seeks to try five members of Hizbullah for the attack that killed former premier Rafik Hariri and 22 others on February 14, 2005, in Beirut.

The accused, who remain at large, may choose whether to appear at the court in person or by video-link. The initial appearances of the accused are scheduled for May 13, 2014.

Last week, several journalists rallied near the Ministry of Information in Beirut, to protest the STL's decision.



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Default-user-icon George Haddad (Guest) 28 April 2014, 11:50

Sorry, but this money grabbing STL was not established at Lebanon's request... it was Established under Chapter 7 by the Security Council and I bet if there was a referendum on it, 70% of the Lebanese will vote against it.... what I also find strange is the fact no such Court was Established for Kennedy, or Bhutto amongst others which only fuels the sentiment that this is a political circus and nothing more.

Thumb thepatriot 28 April 2014, 16:05

"The Tribunal was established by an agreement between the United Nations and the Lebanese government pursuant to Security Council resolution 1664 (2006) of 29 March 2006. "

Missing cedaris 28 April 2014, 12:38

The indictment of those guys who Hassouna is failing to hand over? That is nothing right? They did not make those phone calls? That is not why Wissam Eid was murdered right?
"The STL aim was political and to spread discords (sic)". That is again one of your lovely opinions.
I prefer the facts, from the website of the STL.
"Its primary mandate is to hold trials for the people accused of carrying out the attack of 14 February 2005 which killed 22 people, including the former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri, and injured many others."
You are allowed to have your own views, regardless of how wrong and messed up they are.
Hezbollah's reputation. Good one.
1) killing that shiite demonstrator in front of Iranian embassy
2) Turning its weapons on own citizens in 2008?
3) Car theft gangs
4) Drug deal rings

Missing cedaris 28 April 2014, 13:16

I don't claim to be tough. Being a little online toughie does not give me a hard on like it does you flame thrower.
Do you wear a cute figure hugging outfit when you throw your flames, like a marvel comic-book hero?

Missing cedaris 28 April 2014, 13:59

Forgive me for feeling passionate about people abjectly refusing to introduce facts into their reasoning.
Calling people crackheads having epileptic fits is really treading on me and highlighting my ignorance. Impart your wisdom on me, fella. I am not "peace", whoever that might be.
Stop seeing the world through this "conspiracy theory" prism?
Re points above:
1)I never said Geagea should be president. Please show me where i did
2)I am against BOTH sunni and shiite fundamentalists' attempts at hegemony and changing what is left of this fractured identity.
Why do you resign yourself to "us and them" binary views of the world? Cause it suits your cause?

Thumb cedre 28 April 2014, 22:01

jail these criminal journos...