Dots Addresses Mobile App - Get your address in Lebanon now


Dots Addresses is a free and collective service that has been made available in Lebanon, to enable every citizen to finally possess a fixed geographic address.

Thanks to its network of virtual addresses and structured system of postcodes, Dots Addresses is a mobile app that will help all Lebanese to better share their addresses and locations.

Once registered to Dots Addresses, the app will give each user a 7 digits postcode (B3B 3R21) that has to be completed with a personalized address (Roula.Beirut). The user will then be able to add other addresses (mountain residence, professional address, etc…) that can be easily shared with friends and/or clients. A live step-by-step navigation service is also provided to simply guide the users to their final destinations.

In Lebanon, with the lack of street names and clear indications on the road, it is always complicated to reach a new or forgotten address. But it is also true that the Lebanese got used to this chronic disorganization. And they never get lost. This however leads every time to a repetitive waste of time, money (phone calls, gas) and energy!

The famous quotation that says “All roads lead to Rome” reflects the reality in Lebanon! But if you could reach Rome faster and easier, why wouldn’t you?

Dots Addresses is currently communicating with many services such as restaurants, taxis, goods and postal deliveries. If you have a business and are interested by their service, you can contact them on and they will make sure to give you all the information and help needed! Their primary objective is to enhance your business model and help you get a faster and cheaper delivery service.

The app will always be free and is now available for download in iTunes App Store for iPhone users, and in Google Play store for Android users. Try it.

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Default-user-icon HA (Guest) 19 May 2014, 14:26

In most countries, this is the existing standard address system, even though the approach is slightly different.
The amazing part is that some people took the initiative to fill the huge gap left by the public institutions in this area.
Bravo !

Default-user-icon Andre Niac (Guest) 08 August 2014, 10:10

It's some time now I'm wondering why we don't use the GPS coordinates to identify easily and precisely all the addresses in the world. And there are a lot of apps for the different operating systems, be it windows, mac, android or whatever...