Ibrahim: Lebanon Not Isolated Island from Regional Unrest

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim warned that Friday's suicide bombing against a security forces checkpoint in the Dahr al-Baydar region in the eastern Bekaa was not a “verbal warning, but an actual terrorist attack,” reported the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat on Sunday.

He told the daily: “We are in a constant battle with the terrorism that is targeting the region and not just Lebanon. Lebanon is not an isolated island, but it falls within the grasp of takfiri or Zionist terrorism, which are both two sides of the same coin.”

“We must therefore remain diligent and in a constant state of alert in order to prevent the enemy from taking us by surprise,” he stressed.

“Friday's attack should serve as a warning to the security agencies and the Lebanese people to remain constantly diligent to combat terrorist attacks to preserve our security and safety,” Ibrahim added.

“Yes, we are connected to region and the terrorists in the area are trying to transfer their battle to our land. They will not exempt anyone from their harm,” he remarked.

“This is the war we are waging and we will be victorious, God willing,” said the General Security chief.

“Coordination is ongoing with western and Arab security agencies to combat terrorism because it is a global problem,” he revealed.

A member of the Internal Security Forces was killed and at least 30 people were wounded in a car bombing that targeted an ISF checkpoint in the Dahr al-Baydar area on Friday.

Media reports had speculated that Ibrahim was a target after his convoy had passed the hit area shortly before the attack.


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