Kataeb Urges Election of President, Preventive Measures to Preserve Security

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Kataeb Party on Monday urged an end to the ongoing presidential void and “preemptive measures” to spare Lebanon the repercussions of “the security blazes in the region.”

“The party warns of the threats of security violations, which returned to Lebanon last week, benefiting from the security blazes in the region,” Kataeb said in a statement issued after the weekly meeting of its political bureau.

And as it lauded authorities for “addressing this phenomenon seriously and responsibly,” the party called for further steps to prevent any terrorist attacks.

Kataeb urged a speedy election of a new president, warning that “this vacuum is the main reason for the deterioration of political, security and economic situations, in addition to its negative impact on Lebanon's status in the world and foreign relations.”

In addition to political efforts, the party called for “boosting preemptive measures and coordination between military and security agencies to suppress any suspicious cells before they implement their plots.”

Kataeb also stressed the need to “keep Lebanon out of the regional clash and to stop using the country as a pawn to support or oppose the (regional) axes.”

Turning to the work of the government, the party called for limiting the cabinet's mission to “the security, social and economic priorities” in order to prevent any “coping with political vacuum.”

It also urged “a plan to rescue the threatened tourism season,” noting that Lebanon was preparing to welcome expats and Arab and foreign tourists before the latest security developments.

On Friday, a suicide car bombing rocked an Internal Security Forces checkpoint in the Bekaa area of Dahr al-Baydar, killing an ISF member and wounding over 30 people. The attack was the first inside Lebanon since March.

On the same day, the busy Hamra district in Beirut was the scene of a major security crackdown, with security forces raiding two hotels in the area and interrogating around 102 people.

Around three suspects remain in custody, including a French national with Arab origins who reportedly confessed to plotting a terrorist attack against a certain Lebanese region.



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