Army Discovers Explosives Cache in Cave in Fnaideq

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The army announced on Saturday that detainees apprehended during raids in the northern Akkar region of Fnaideq over the past week confessed to the existence of a cave in the region where they used to prepare explosives.

The army said in a statement that it carried out a raid of the cave where it discovered bombs that were prepared to be detonated.

It also discovered weapons, CDs, several SIM cards, mobile phones, documents, and lessons on how to manufacture explosives.

The confessions were made by Alaa Kanaan and Mahmoud Khaled, members of a terrorist network who were recently arrested.

The National News Agency had reported earlier on Saturday that the army raided the areas of Fnaideq, al-Kafroun, and Jisr Ain al-Banat.

It also raided the nearby Aziziyeh encampment for Syrian refugees where soldiers searched for wanted suspects.

LBCI television meanwhile reported on Saturday that the detainees confessed to providing suicide-bombers, including the Duroy Hotel assailants, with explosives.

A detainee confessed on Thursday to storing a number of explosives and weapons in property he owns in Fnaideq.

Also Thursday, the army raided another residence in Fnaideq where it seized 42 dynamite sticks, 34 120-millimeter and 80-millimeter mortar shells, 14 propellant charges for the mortar shells, and 36 stun grenades.

On Wednesday, a Saudi suicide-bomber blew himself up at the Duroy Hotel when he detonated his explosives during a security raid. His accomplice, also a Saudi citizen, survived the blast and is being questioned at hospital.

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Missing imagine_1979 28 June 2014, 11:57

Maybe than can also catch the terrorist sent from lebanon to help assad the butcher, so we can really distanciate ourself...
Did u really think that hezbos can go to syria, protect a regime hated by at least half of the lebanese, a regime who tortured his people, who sent politicians to jail for decades (riad el turk for exemple) a regime which even split the palestinian resistance (with fateh intifida, fplp general comand..) a regime which ended true patriotic lebanese resistance to replace it by a fanatic shiite milicia...

Missing imagine_1979 28 June 2014, 11:57

So u really think hezbos involvevement in syria would pass without retaliation, despite all the call for hezbos not to go there, time to bring the guys home, secure our borders, trial hezbos leadders for the shit they have put us in, as well for the assassination of anti syrian regime leaders, assasssination attempts, hachem salman killing, protection given to eid in tripoli bombing, protection given to smaha...
And resistance-m8 go have some chupachups..

Missing imagine_1979 28 June 2014, 17:36

Exactly in democracy u kill in daylight i nobody bother u, in democracy u can have a private army, send it to help dictators, go over beyrouth, inforce ur political decision...
Exactly iranian/hezbos democracy...
Chupachups man chupachups....

Thumb lebpatriot2223 28 June 2014, 15:15

The confessions by these terrorists proves that they have no real cause and just paid gimps like some of the posters on this site.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 29 June 2014, 05:12

Icemans Kate hoe

Thumb beiruti 28 June 2014, 23:08

Quite Easy Bond. Who has control of the Lebnese borders? That would be Hezbollah on the Syrian side from Akkar to Golan. Who has control of the Airport Security? Hezbollah. What other ways do these guys have of entering Lebanon? By land by air.

And if you don't thing that Hezbollah wants Qawajih, your dreaming. Just look to the run up in 2008 and see how this time matches that. Only difference is that with Hezbollah fighters out of the country, they have different tactics.

Where were Michel Sleiman's credentials born? Nahr el Bared. And who lit Nahr el Bared with Sunni fighters? That would be Syria. My idea is not so novel.

Thumb beiruti 29 June 2014, 05:12

Tex, I always like your posts, but on this one, you have to take a step back to see what's going on here. The game is not linear, or straight, it is multi-plane. At the top, the objective is to halt the Iranian nuclear program, then to put Iran back into its box and to trim back Iran's regional reach.
ISIS is funded by KSA and Gulf states interested in trimming back Iranian regional power. ISIS is the instrument to perform this mission. It threatens Iran's land logistical connection to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran will commit Hezbollah to this fight, as predicted. The US is encouraging Iran to commit the IRG-QF as well. Iran resists and is seeking closer relations with Turkey to obtain an alternative logistical path to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
ISIS coordinates with the Assad regime, it is well known. Sure Assad is Iran's ally, but Assad also works with Israel, which too seeks to cut Hezbollah down to size.

Missing action-man 29 June 2014, 05:12

Well done LAF ,keep up the good work.
But I have a question to anyone who can answer ,why sometimes names of these crooks are revealed and some other times they come up with M.T or F.T etc etc ????

Missing 7alesh 29 June 2014, 07:38

Wolf you must be the one I'm looking for , are you and your family "fida sirmaiyt el sayyid" ? As in you are ready to die for his shoe .....