Zahle Prison Guards Foil Hashish Smuggling Attempt

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Guards at the prison of Zahle in the Bekaa seized on Tuesday a large quantity of hashish and narcotic pills hidden in three kilograms of meat pastries.

28-year-old J. K. tried to smuggle 116 pills stashed in the pastries, a communique issued by the Internal Security Forces said.

The visitor, who was carrying them, was detained and will be questioned to reveal the source of the hashish and the people behind the incident.

In June, security forces thwarted an attempt by a man to deliver a quantity of hashish hidden inside apricots to an inmate at the same prison.



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Missing coolmec 08 July 2014, 14:42

do you have any proof to show that??

Thumb eagledawn 08 July 2014, 15:28

J.K stands for Jowaten Kamethrower!

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 July 2014, 18:46

nice spelling eagledown, here's an F+ for trying

Thumb eagledawn 08 July 2014, 15:30

who eats la7meh b3ajeen with hashish apart from you and your hizb?

Thumb 08 July 2014, 15:52

He is from the skeif clan correct your information!

Thumb ice-man 08 July 2014, 16:11

@Jaafar: don't worry about the votes, you never did right? Just keep speaking your pure spirited unbiased and free mind.

Thumb zahle1 08 July 2014, 16:36

It bothers me why they only give out initials. They should just say it.

Thumb Maxx 08 July 2014, 17:55

The law stipulates that an arrested person has the right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and thus, so as to avoid libel suits, they do not reveal his or her full name unless they are indicted of any crime (though they might later be released or judged innocent).

Thumb zahle1 08 July 2014, 23:07

to be honest I remember many m8 with initials only

Thumb eagledawn 09 July 2014, 13:07

two sectarians

Thumb Maxx 08 July 2014, 17:52

@eagledawn: That's sfee7a mate, not la7m b3ajeen. :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 July 2014, 18:31

lol that's a very funny news, and a funny comment by josh the clown

Missing ransar 09 July 2014, 12:15

Josh boustani how many times u mention iranian terrorist sectarian militia in your comments.