Death Penalty Sought for Rifaat Eid, Jabal Mohsen Top Gunmen

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An indictment issued Friday demanded the death penalty for Arab Democratic Party top official Rifaat Eid and three others on charges of murder and terrorism.

Military Examining Magistrate Judge Riyad “Abu Ghida has issued an indictment demanding the death penalty for Rifaat Eid and three leaders of Jabal Mohsen's fighting frontiers on charges of murder and terrorism,” LBCI television reported.

The charges also include “starting gunbattles between Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh.”

On April 28, new arrest warrants were issued against Arab Democratic Party leader Ali Eid, his son Rifaat and others over their involvement in the 18th round of fighting in the northern city of Tripoli.

The warrants came as army troops and security forces started implementing an unprecedented security plan in the North and the Bekaa, which resulted in the arrest of dozens of fugitives while many others are still at large, among them Ali and Rifaat Eid.

That was the third arrest warrant against Rifaat Eid, whose father Ali is accused of helping fugitives behind the 2013 blasts against Tripoli mosques escape justice.

On April 5, State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr charged 12 Lebanese, including Rifaat Eid, with belonging to an armed terrorist group, possession of arms, inciting sedition and involvement in gunbattles between the rival Tripoli districts of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh.

According to Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi, Rifaat Eid fled to Orange County, California. Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq has noted the party's chief Ali Eid left Lebanon to Syria.



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Thumb ex-fpm 11 July 2014, 20:06

Excellent news and the punishment is worthy of the crimes he committed.

Missing greatpierro 11 July 2014, 20:14

Next should be hassouna

Missing greatpierro 11 July 2014, 21:26

Me Aoun should also be tried for abandoning his soldiers to death.

Thumb eagledawn 11 July 2014, 21:31

I would love to see this thug get the electric chair

Thumb Elemental 12 July 2014, 02:28

Given his size, you'll find now Lebanon will stick solely on generator power as a result :P

Thumb eli-g 11 July 2014, 22:26

Good. Its never too late to do the right thing. Once R. Eid is caught he shall pay for his crime.

Thumb cedre 12 July 2014, 04:20

I wish u were in the mosque he bombed...

Thumb galaxy 12 July 2014, 06:30

he deserves to be there

Default-user-icon teacher (Guest) 12 July 2014, 10:31

In case of non presentation even for small crimes, death penalties are automatically asked. But doesn't mean it will be applied as when the person is captured or surrender, this death penalty is automatically cancelled.
So this news do not explain that and opens the door to the political propaganda far away from the technical law matter.

Thumb geha 12 July 2014, 10:59

where are all those m8 guys who were defending this murderer?

Thumb eagledawn 12 July 2014, 14:48


Thumb liberty 12 July 2014, 14:37

Did anyone before mention it that you are an idiot and what you post is 100% in line with your alias. Please, don't tell me you are one of those so called forum "christians" who support HA but were born and raised in Nabatiyeh and enjoy being paid analysts on naharnet. You guys are pathetic and your game is getting old. We know who you are from the minute you type your first letter on this blog. Christians don't need you or your hezb for protection. Yes, we are a minority but far from being anything like you. We are worlds apart....