Jumblat: Hariri's Stances Remind us of Taef which Some are Trying to Forget

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat has said that Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's stances stress the importance of the Saudi-Syrian umbrella and the Taef accord.

Hariri is convinced of his personal ties with Syrian President Bashar Assad and the political relationship with Damascus, Jumblat told al-Akhbar newspaper in remarks published Tuesday.

"This is his conviction and it is better than letting anyone convince him about it," the Druze leader said.

"This brings us to the S-S theory (Saudi-Syria) and the Taef which some Lebanese want to forget," he added.

In his weekly editorial to al-Anbaa, Jumblat said political and media calm are imperative to protect Hizbullah and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

"Political and media calm are imperative to protect the Resistance … and is also essential for the protection of the International Tribunal … and strengthening the domestic arena against what indictment could lead to," he said.

Jumblat called on the various political parties to stick to soft rhetoric "because the alternative is devastating and will bring the country to where no one wants."

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