Explosion Targets Army Patrol in Arsal as Nusra Front Points Finger Hizbullah

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Qaida-affiliate al-Nusra Front accused on Friday Hizbullah of planting a landmine that exploded in an army patrol on the outskirts of the northeastern border town of Arsal.

Three soldiers were wounded in a roadside bombing that targeted their patrol in al-Raayan road in Arsal's Wadi Ata region as unknown gunmen opened fire at another patrol heading to inspect the site of the explosion.

The state-run National News Agency said that the army's Special Forces fifth regiment patrol was targeted with the explosion.

The army later said in a communique “a roadside bombing targeted a military vehicle patrolling the outskirts of Arsal, wounding three soldiers.”

The statement continued: “Unknown gunmen opened fire at another patrol accompanying a military expert to inspect the explosion site.”

“Soldiers responded to the sources of fire, pursuing assailants, who fled into the mountainous areas near the town.”

Later on Friday, the army said two other bombs weighing 15 kilograms each were seized in the same location.

"A military expert detonated one of them on site and efforts are underway to dismantle the other one," the army added.

NNA reported that a colonel, a sergeant and a soldier were wounded in the assault.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr tasked the military police and intelligence branch with carrying out the preliminary investigations regarding the bombing.

The Lebanese army later dismantled two bombs found near the explosion site, NNA said.

Gunmen from al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State group are entrenched on the outskirts of Arsal on the porous Syrian-Lebanese border.

They engaged in a bloody fighting with the Lebanese army in August and took with them hostages from the military and police.

The extremists later executed three of them and threatened to kill more if the Lebanese authorities failed to meet their demands.

Since then the army deployed heavily in Arsal and repelled several infiltration attempts after it blocked dirt roads near the town to stop the militants from receiving supplies.



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Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 14 November 2014, 10:17

god bless our LAF
and Mr Riffi said we do not have terrorisme ?!!!!!!

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 November 2014, 10:49

yea it's all in your mind, it doesnt exist.

Missing humble 14 November 2014, 10:53

Yes we have in Da7yieh... and elsewhere because of Da7yieh ...

Default-user-icon full.disclosure. (Guest) 14 November 2014, 16:10

11 up votes? Lol, oooook yea, those multiples accounts DEFINTIELY are legit lmao!!! This site is such a joke

Default-user-icon -Iran001- (Guest) 14 November 2014, 10:51

well said --karim.

Missing helicopter 14 November 2014, 16:17

Go everywhere arms are carried by groups outside LAF and ISF and clean it up from all jihadists, PFLP, SSNP, HA and you name it.

Missing humble 14 November 2014, 10:52

Not only "Holy" but DIVINE

Missing imagine_1979 14 November 2014, 11:09

Bc the hez holly war we have them coming to leb and the army is doing its job protecting us..
Yes flame chupachups indded....

Default-user-icon disco.flamethrower.volante (Guest) 14 November 2014, 11:13

well said flame

Missing peace 14 November 2014, 12:45

“Unknown gunmen opened fire at another patrol accompanying a military expert to inspect the explosion site.”

funny how M8ers know better than the army and are sure who did this!

real clowns they are....

Thumb Mystic 14 November 2014, 15:34

Tons of garbage, the takfiri supporters hold their hands over Al Nusra, and blames the Resistance, alongside them. The terrorists responsible for beheading LAF soldiers, points their fingers at others.

Thumb Mystic 14 November 2014, 15:34

terrorist, I'm affirmative you are a salafi living in the west.

Default-user-icon Mystic@fulldisclosure.bill.the butcher (Guest) 14 November 2014, 16:13

lol you are so right @full.disclosure.

Thumb -phoenix1 14 November 2014, 17:54

The truth is that the Lebanese Army and the people of Lebanon are prime victims of a double slap, One, the intransigence of a militia like Hezbollah that is meddling into a war that it not ours, (maybe its war, maybe, in which case let Hezbollah leave Lebanon since it is no longer Lebanese) and TWO, the reaction of this meddling and intransigence by the natural rivals of Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, Al Nusra and its more evil and bigger sibling Daesh or ISIL. But there comes indeed payback time, and the issue is now developing into one where the victim is gaining the upper hand and the meddler plus its reaction finding that Lebanon though very small has a very large stomach and ca literally swallow anyone who wishes to gulp Lebanon. Neither Hezbollah can change the course of the war in Syria, at least not fully, nor can it make Lebanon into a mini Iran, and neither can the Jihadists can invade us or make of us a part of their sick Kaliphate. Fa Nabka.

Thumb al.finique 14 November 2014, 18:30

bro, you are always right. I have to agree with you on this one bro. We need to build trust. Trust is built gradually, the army is gaining trust everyday from the people, more and more and more with every passing day, ask any citizen and the citizen will reply, "all we want is peace", once peace is established in all the Lebanese territory, confidence will shoot upwards in no time, and the trusted Lebanese acumen for business will rapidly return and bring back the country to prosperity. It all starts somewhere, and that starts with a strong army, respected and fully trusted.