Report: U.S. Seeking to Speed up Delivery of Jets to Army to Aid it in Border Clashes

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The United States is seeking to speed up the delivery of fighter jets to the Lebanese army as part of attempts to bolster its aerial power in confronting terrorist threats in border regions, reported the daily al-Mustaqbal on Saturday.

Official sources said that American diplomatic circles in Washington had relayed this information to Lebanese authorities in the past few hours.

The U.S. is aiming to provide the Lebanese military with jets from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan due to their close geographic proximity to Lebanon.

The army was engaged on Friday in clashes with terrorist groups in the Tallat al-Hamra area on the outskirts of Ras Baalbek in the eastern Bekaa region.

At least five soldiers were killed in the unrest, which erupted when the gunmen attacked an army surveillance post.

Members of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front and the Islamic State group have launched several such attacks in recent months.

Reports have raised fears lately that Syrian armed gunmen were planning to open a front in Lebanon by invading the northeastern border town of Arsal and advancing into al-Qaa, Ras Baalbek and other nearby villages.

The U.S. made a pledge in 2014 to bolster the army in the wake of clashes between the army and IS and Nusra Front gunmen in Arsal in August.

Reports have raised fears lately that Syrian armed gunmen were planning to open a front in Lebanon by invading the northeastern border town of Arsal and advancing into al-Qaa, Ras Baalbek and other nearby villages.



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Default-user-icon merkin (Guest) 24 January 2015, 09:36

1 billion dollars yea right. Where is that 1 billion dollars or the 3 billion dollars promised over a year ago. Stop embarrassing yourself dude.

Default-user-icon roukuz (Guest) 24 January 2015, 09:41

May all your life savings and valuables be in Iranian Riyal and Russian Ruble. May you rest in pieces and tranquility as we put the final touches to your resting place.... RIP shia hero.

Default-user-icon flamethrowerbemoss (Guest) 24 January 2015, 09:44

loooooooooooooool 7elwe mennak @merkin

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 24 January 2015, 11:00

its about time and do not forget the guided missiles for these jets
(like u forgot in nahrelbared )
god bless our LAF
god bless democracy

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 13:22

We've heard that one before.

Default-user-icon jaaar ibn iblees (Guest) 24 January 2015, 14:58

is that a martyred khomeini jihadi terrorist family in your avatar?

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 14:59

Seek not ya USA, just send our arm the weapons and our army will finish the job, simple. Now send the stuff and enough talk.

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 19:30

Tex, this Wizwaz is not new here, he is an old face just wearing a new mask. He can change aliases but the old knack is still there. As they say in Africa, a toad can hide but doesn't roar, it crackles. But now to serious stuff, I am anxious to see these weapons delivered because every soldier's life is precious, and our boys have shown their mettle well beyond any doubt, quite possibly our army's baptism of fire, hence if more weapons come, Lebanon will rapidly rid itself of all Non-State weapons. Terrorism will die a natural death, Lebanon's constitutional institutions will become strong again, and Lebanon will re-emerge stronger than ever. All Lebanon wants in truth is to live in peace and prosperity, that's all. Let the weapons come and come now.

Missing coolmec 24 January 2015, 16:09

US, KSA, France etc...
Quit talking and start acting. Simply start delivering. You wasted precious time for the army to obtain badly needed weapons

Thumb eli-g 24 January 2015, 16:12

Thank you USA

Thumb chrisrushlau 24 January 2015, 17:57

Now all you need are soldiers to use the weapons and a political process to tell the soldiers what to do besides adjusting their berets.

Thumb chrisrushlau 24 January 2015, 18:06

I mean get rid of Article 24 of the Constitution which gives the so-called Christian minority half the seats in Parliament.

Missing 24 January 2015, 18:31

chrisrushlau - I (a Muslim) oppose this step. The Muslims have proven themselves inept. In the middle of this insane sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shia, we need a strong Christian presence to arbitrate between the two. If anything, I am all for strengthening and not weakening the Christian political influence in Lebanon.

Missing coolmec 24 January 2015, 18:48

Why is it a problem for you that half of the parliament seats are for the Christians?? You keep mentioning Christian minority. Check your date correctly dude and quit being sectarian

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 19:33

And you ya Chris, il 3ama bi albak, you know why people like you did all they could to defeat that vote by the diaspora Lebanese, and you know ma heyk ya habileh? Because in the diaspora we are a lot more than you. And here in Lebanon, you try to force the issue, let's see where it will take you, tfeh 3aleyk.

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 19:33

Oh Chris you buzz off will you? Minority or not, we are here to stay, now buzz off, you're boring us with your rants against us Christians. el 3ama bi albak wloh!

Thumb -phoenix1 24 January 2015, 19:34

Wlak ya Arab, I wish I can hug you and give you a big smack on the cheek. Ya heyk ness aw bala. Chris, fek wlah, Arab has told you what I wanted to tell you. Go to Kabul, el 3ama bi alba!!

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 20:49

What happend to the mutual respect conversations phoenix? This guy chrisrushlau simply states his own opinion, and you all jump upon him like a bunch of savage hyenas.

Thumb -phoenix1 25 January 2015, 16:19

Mystic, je suis un sauvage, when anyone touches my Christianity. Chris can figure it out.

Thumb -phoenix1 25 January 2015, 16:32

Ya Mystic, you said and I quote, "What happened to the mutual respect conversations phoenix?", unquote. Mystic my good old friend who always commands my genuine kindness, here you reminded me of a recent incident, the one of Charlie Hebdo. C.H said they insulted sacred values in the name of freedom of speech. In this case, this Chris thing keeps derogating my own values and that of others, and no, he can't just say whatever he wants, there's a limit as you have noticed.

Thumb ado.australia 24 January 2015, 18:43

anonymetexasusa... in their eyes? They are fighting the same terrorist groups... God bless the LAF!

Thumb ado.australia 25 January 2015, 17:51

can you quote a comment from Hezbollah on their disapproval of LAF arms? or is this your personal guess at how they feel?

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 20:49

"New" rusty garbage from the U.S landfill. That wreckage dates back to the 60's texas, ofcourse your beloved U.S are more than happy to provide the LAF, old weapons from their dumpsters.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 21:27

Iran would've given drones.

Thumb Mystic 24 January 2015, 21:28

Iranian drone, copy of the RQ-170 would be in the LAF hands, if they accepted real deals, instead of garbage.

Just an example.