Hizbullah, Aoun Mark Anniversary of MoU: Our Memo Must Be Applied to All Political Parties

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A delegation from Hizbullah held talks on Friday with Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun to mark the ninth anniversary of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides, with the party emphasizing the importance of dialogue in easing tensions in Lebanon.

Hizbullah politburo official Mahmoud Qomati said after the meeting: “The MoU between Hizbullah and the FPM should serve as an example of dialogue between all Lebanese parties.”

Hizbullah and Aoun signed their memorandum of understanding in 2006 as part of their political alliance.

Commenting on the dialogue between the Mustaqbal Movement and Hizbullah, Qomati remarked: “The talks are serious and they will continue.”

“All participants are approaching the dialogue seriously and calmly,” he stated from Aoun's Rabieh residence.

He added that the talks will emphasize the need to ease tensions in Lebanon before moving on to other articles on their agenda.

“Those criticizing our dialogue with the Mustaqbal Movement are being harmed by it,” he noted.

The gatherers agreed on easing political tensions in Lebanon resulting in the launch of a campaign on Thursday to remove party banners and photos from Beirut and several cities across Lebanon.

Furthermore, Qomati revealed that “serious Christian dialogue will kick off soon.”

He made his remark in reference to the expected talks between Aoun and his rival Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea.

Asked if the Hizbullah delegation and Aoun had addressed the ongoing deadlock over the presidential elections, Qomati replied: “Our position on the presidency is clear.”

“We will not abandon Aoun's presidential nomination no matter what anyone says,” he added.



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Thumb ex-fpm 06 February 2015, 12:56

قماطي من الرابية: "رح نبقى هون مهما العالم قالوا،ما منترك عون وما منرضى بدالو".
Qomati: We believe that the removal of political banners and flags is a sign of our seriousness in easing tensions in Lebanon.

Does removing banners require 4 dialogue sessions... Why wasn't the state through its security agencies able to remove them prior to the dialogue. Additionally, the removal of banners did not include dahieh or Baalback or Hermel or the South.

Thumb justin 06 February 2015, 13:06

banners, posters, and pictures of khamani and nassrallah are part of the defense strategy if you did not know. Also, the areas you referred to are not under state control and are considered iranian territory.

Missing humble 06 February 2015, 21:24

My info is that Ebola will drink Champagne (even if forbidden) if Caporal is eliminated....

Thumb Mystic 06 February 2015, 13:27

God Bless Gen. Aoun and all the real patriotic Lebanese.

Thumb Mystic 06 February 2015, 14:34

Don't forget about the LF deserters, now that you are mentioning that.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 06 February 2015, 13:38

god bless 10452

Thumb ado.australia 06 February 2015, 16:26

agreed 100% + oua nabka + !

Missing peace 06 February 2015, 14:09

wahahahaha! the Mou... biggest hypocrisy ever... so laughable!

Missing peace 06 February 2015, 22:14

"if it were with mustahbal or the LF"

the idiot still lives in his binary world... no wonder when one has an empty brain...

if it were with those you mention, idiot, i wouldn't even care about it, as no agreement can be made with terrorists... so if the politicians want, let them do their BS, as for me, hezbollah is like a cockroach and needs to be eliminated, just like you by the way....

Default-user-icon karam lteif abou jamra (Guest) 06 February 2015, 14:25

Yeah sure everyone in lebanon should sell their souls to the ISlamic Revolution in Lebanon, go against everything they openly espoused for the previous fifteen years at least, for a personal and familial riches and a chair that will alas remain elusive.

Thumb canadianpaul 06 February 2015, 14:34

Lebanon is doomed. It's a cesspool full of snakes and hyenas, starting with the saalouk named "General".

Missing peace 06 February 2015, 14:44

"as a representation of the majority of the people of Lebanon"

wishful thinking.... how cute to read such childish statements....

Thumb Elemental 06 February 2015, 18:54

Look at Yemen dude...

Missing peace 06 February 2015, 22:16

"you know nothing about the happenings there and so do i,"

that is for sure, you know nothing...u just repeat what you listen coming from your leaders... a real faithful dog....

Default-user-icon lou williams (Guest) 06 February 2015, 14:48

another day another dawn another millennium as flamethrower embarks on yet another doomed attempt to earn a gold medal in nonstop propaganda posting.

Missing peace 06 February 2015, 15:07

because their conception of the state rules is that if they do not like the president or PM , they don't need to obey them....

hezbollah is their state, not Lebanon!

Thumb ado.australia 06 February 2015, 17:18

Texs, I hope it works for a better Lebanon! Before the MOU, Nasrallah only spoke in front of the hezbollah flag, since then he has always been with the Lebanese flag! Hezbollah has renounced the aim of a Lebanese islamic nation! Acknowledging Lebanon as a multi sectarian nation! This is a great point and concession! They agreed that the LAF should eventually control all arms! This is another great concession. Have you actually read the MOU or do you just dismiss it because its between the FPM and Hezbollah? Read it and let me know what point in the agreement you disagree with! Not all points have been implemented but which do you oppose?

Thumb Mystic 06 February 2015, 17:53

texas your patriotism are Saudi, The West, and Israel/takfiris.

Thumb marcus 06 February 2015, 17:55

"bridge muslim-christian cultural and ideological gaps"...hahaha! I am sure there are daily and weekly sessions where people from the Aouni faith and others from the nassrallah faith sit around the bonfire and exchange theology, debate social norms, and enrich their souls.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 February 2015, 20:59

rofl :))

Thumb Elemental 06 February 2015, 18:53

The only reason this was done was out of fear of ASSad and Iran, which is how HA roll. Now if he says anything against them or ASSad, then his family and loved ones pay the price....memorandum of "understanding"

Missing humble 06 February 2015, 21:25

My info is that Ebola will drink Champagne (even if forbidden) if Caporal is eliminated....

Missing humble 06 February 2015, 21:29

Ebola is the Iranian army and Caporal is their servant which makes of him a traitor. A traitor to the Christians. Mark my words.

Missing humble 06 February 2015, 21:37

Ebola would have never been able to become a monster without the support of the Christians, but NOW they are a Monster.

Thumb nickjames 06 February 2015, 21:43


Missing peace 06 February 2015, 22:19

loooool " i only have lebanese patriotism" best joke ever... one praising a party that pledged allegiance to iran... one supporting the syrian regime and proud to support a butcher!

really, best joke ever , thx for the laugh!

"lebanese patriotism" wahahaha!