March 14 to Launch National Council

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The March 14 general-secretariat has agreed to launch the coalition's “National Council” in its general assembly on the tenth anniversary of its establishment this year, local dailies reported on Tuesday.

Among those who had proposed the idea were al-Mustaqbal bloc leader MP Fouad Saniora, Lebanese Forces lawmaker George Adwan and Democratic Gathering MP Marwan Hamadeh.

The idea had been previously proposed in 2011 but failed to see light.

But during the latest meeting for March 14 officials in BIEL on Monday, more than 100 politicians, party members, academicians and journalists approved the proposal, the reports said.

The National Council aims to bring together politicians, party members, independents and the elite of the society in Lebanon and abroad.

It would have a two-year term whose head, deputy chief and six secretaries would be elected on a non-sectarian basis.

The council's job would be to monitor the policies of the March 14 alliance through a working mechanism that includes the announcement of a manifest and political statements every three to four months.

The council would also organize workshops and events in parallel to the functions of the March 14 general-secretariat.

MP Hamadeh told Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) that the council will play a guiding role for the movement that was launched ten years ago.

The coalition was established in March 2005 in the aftermath of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

His murder led to the rise of the Cedar Revolution or Independence Intifada.



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Missing helicopter 03 March 2015, 16:19

Good idea. Sounds promising as a prototype model for the nation.