Khalil: Lebanon Should Witness Change in Management of Ports and Customs

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil stressed the necessity on Thursday to combat corruption prevailing in the management of Lebanon's ports and customs, as the Minister of Industry Hussein Hajj Hassan, vowed to “fully back” the reform plan.

“Lebanon should observe an actual change in the management of ports and customs,” said Khalil during a meeting with Hajj Hassan and Economy Minister Alain Hakim at the Finance Ministry.

He disclosed that “large amounts of smuggled merchandise have been confiscated at the Masnaa crossing,” adding “we have discussed a number of measures that assist local production.”

On his part, Hajj Hassan reiterated “full support to the reform plan at the ports and customs.”

He emphasized the need to continue the reform campaign, vowing to “submit a list of all the raw materials to allow their entry into Lebanon in an easy manner.”

He added: “We must all work together to find the best solution to push the work of institutions forward because people need the parliament to convene to approve legislation that addresses their needs.”

Khalil had earlier prepared a system based on the replacement of custom fees with tax on goods consumption in order to control the spread of corruption at the Beirut port, the Rafik Hariri International Airport and the international crossings with Syria.

The reform plan came after it was revealed in February that large amounts of smuggled goods, narcotics and industrial equipment containing toxic radiation were seized at Beirut port and RHIA.

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Thumb -phoenix1 09 April 2015, 20:47

Hezbollah, Amal and Shiite Mafialogy at its best.

Missing helicopter 10 April 2015, 03:24

Khalil: Lebanon Should Witness Change in Management of Ports and Customs

As long as the ports are under the control of Amal and HA any reform plan is just a farce and a pretense for political consumption.

Thumb -phoenix1 10 April 2015, 13:36

You're right chopper, they're just trying to buy time and steal as much as they can before the state translates its will into a new president that neither M8 nor Hezbollah will like. For all I know, they'll get themselves another Michel Sleyman who will make life even more difficult for the Shiite Mafialogists. A few days ago in Dora roundabout, anti-Hezbollah bus owners and unions stopped traffic there and had very stern words for the Shiite bus owners who until recently were intimidating non-Shiite bus owners with knife attacks on their clients, bottle throwing and other acts of aggression. The LF rep told them to try again since they believe that they are ABADAYET. They all chickened out, this is when a true resistance begins, call it LF or Kataeb, but this is how it is born, out of those who have quickly replaced the Syrian occupier.