Berri Says Lebanon's Politics is 'Inverted Cup'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri described the political situation in Lebanon as an “inverted cup of water” but stressed that the dialogue between Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal Movement was guaranteeing stability.

“The country is functioning in reverse order and illogically,” Berri, whose remarks were published in local dailies on Friday, told his visitors.

“In most countries, political stability reflects (positively) on security,” he said.

“But the situation in our country is similar to an inverted cup of water, where unlike the political situation, there is security and stability,” Berri added.

The speaker praised the talks being held under his auspices between al-Mustaqbal and Hizbullah since December, saying “stability and security wouldn't have been achieved without this dialogue.”

On whether he had fears that rising political tension between the rival parties would have repercussions on the talks, Berri said: “No one can stop the dialogue which enjoys Iranian and Saudi sponsorship.”

“No one will be able to paralyze it. Shortly, the dialogue is an axiom,” he told his visitors.

Asked why the dialogue does not reflect on the government and its productivity, Berri replied: “Let it first reflect on the parliament.”

“The basic problem is the absence of a president. That's why (MPs) should head (to parliament) to elect a head of state,” he said.

The country's top Christian post has been vacant since President Michel Suleiman's six-year term ended a year ago.



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Thumb -phoenix1 29 May 2015, 12:07

Akid akid akid ya Mr. Berri, one peep at you confirms this statement of yours, it's so obvious,

Thumb chrisrushlau 29 May 2015, 18:02

The reason it is illegal to be Shia in Lebanon, just as it is illegal to be non-Jewish in Israel, is that you just can't reason with these people: their minds don't work like ours do. For us, if you invert a cup of water, the water runs out. For Shias, apparently, well, I can't really tell what Mr. Berri has in mind, which is all the more reason not to listen to him. If he started to make sense, the state would collapse.
No, let me take a crack. The cup stands for the ban on democratic participation by the Shia majority via Article 24. Normally this would create peace, as in Israel. But the cup is upside down, meaning that Hezbullah, the party of the majority, is more powerful than the Lebanese state. This is good for the people, bad for the elite.

Missing helicopter 30 May 2015, 03:27

HA is more powerful than the State, thanks to Iran and to sectarians like you.