Interior Ministry Says Not to Blame for Delay in Releasing Municipal Vote Results after Protest


The Interior Ministry announced Monday evening that it is not responsible for the delay in releasing the official results of Sunday's municipal polls as activists and supporters of the Beirut Madinati list staged a sit-in outside the ministry in Sanayeh to protest the lag.

“The final and official results of yesterday's municipal elections in Beirut, Bekaa and Baalbek-Hermel are being released, gradually, on the ministry's official website,” the ministry said in a statement, shortly after the Sanayeh protest.

“The ministry's role in the electoral process ends upon handing over the ballot boxes to the relevant registration committees that are headed by judges,” the ministry noted.

It reminded the public opinion that “in 2010, the registration committees in Beirut only finished their work on Monday afternoon and the results were published in newspapers printed on Tuesday.”

“The Interior Ministry did not neglect its duty of providing the registration committees with logistical support throughout the day in order to facilitate the release of the results,” the ministry added.

Only the results of the Rashaya and Western Bekaa districts were available on the ministry's website on Monday evening.


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Missing humble 10 May 2016, 02:23

More than 70% of the Christians in Beirut 1 voted against the Caporal and LF showing that they do not trust these two parties who made an alliance "against nature". In all cases this is a clear proof that the Caporal is gone for good...Both together represent less than 30% of the Christians in Achrafieh.

Geagea made a Historical mistake and he will have to pay or correct his mistake.

Default-user-icon MArk (Guest) 10 May 2016, 09:36

It's not the interior ministry's fault for the delays, nor its his fault for ballots taken in civilian cars, nor its his fault for the 647 fraud/cheat occured.
They are responsible but not guilty ;)