Aoun Signs Decrees Promoting Armed Forces Officers

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Aoun on Friday signed decrees promoting armed forces officers from all ranks, the presidency said in a statement.

The promoted officers belong to the army, Internal Security Forces, General Security State Security, and Customs.

Aoun also signed decrees for the promotion of other officers during the year 2017.

Friday's “were the last decrees that the president signs in 2016,” the presidency said.

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Thumb Shidiak 30 December 2016, 19:41

What does Husni Mubarak, Bashar el Assad and Aoun seem to have in common...?

Hair dye.

Chabeb haha

Thumb whyaskwhy 30 December 2016, 20:07

lol but it takes 40 years away from his age and adds 5cm to his height.

Thumb Shidiak 30 December 2016, 20:15

I don't think the Flamer Account Family is going to approve of this comment..

Missing peace007 31 December 2016, 02:57

Good Luck President Aoun. God Bless You.

Thumb chrisrushlau 31 December 2016, 16:45

It's a radical move, making every member of the Lebanese Armed Forces a Major General. Sure, there's plent of money for it, and the berets with the ostrich plumes should be here any day, but what will their wives say? "How come you didn't get to be a Lieutenant General?"
The day may come when you wish you'd invested in martial spirit instead of martial law (also known as warlord governance). You only nourish martial spirit in a regime of laws. Look at Israel: it has a bunch of hitmen (and hitladies) but no military. Likewise Egypt and the Gulf monarchies. I admit it: the US military is finished for the moment. Lying rots out a military.