Report: Hizbullah Wants to Move 'Missile Factories' to Chouf


Hizbullah "has recently purchased land lots in the predominantly-Druze Mount Lebanon region of Chouf with the aim of relocating its factories and missiles," a media report said.

Quoting unnamed sources, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida said the alleged plan aims to "keep away suspicions from the party's strongholds, especially in the villages of the South that are inhabited by a Shiite majority."

"There is real Israeli concern over Iran's attempts to build arms and missile factories in Lebanon," the sources added.

"Through its threats and warnings, Tel Aviv is trying to send a clear message to Hizbullah and Iran about this matter," the sources went on to say.

Separately, an unnamed source told the newspaper that "the situations on the Israeli-Lebanese border have become very tense."

"The Israeli army has instructed its soldiers to prevent any crossing of the Blue Line," the source added.

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Thumb s.o.s 04 February 2018, 14:10

they want israel to bomb the Chouf on top of the South and Dahye... hoping to rally the Druze community in their terrorism.

Missing arturo 04 February 2018, 16:16

They are likely doing this to ensure they are in compliance with the UN resolutions.

Thumb shab 04 February 2018, 21:53

One more target to get bombed

Thumb whyaskwhy 05 February 2018, 00:57

This is the same newspaper that undoubtedly knows where Jimmy Hoffa was hurried. They also know who killed JFK and know the real identity of Donald Duck. What rubbish....