Arslan Says Won't Accept 'Consensus Druze Minister'


Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan announced Sunday that he will not accept proposals to name a so-called “consensus Druze minister” in the new government.

“Anyone who tries to propose so-called consensus candidates for Druze representation is a 'Trojan horse' against the new presidential tenure and its policies,” Arslan tweeted.

“We will not accept this, neither in form nor in content,” the MP added.

“This is also a conspiracy against the strategic orientations of Druze amid the conspiracy against the entire region,” Arslan went on to say.

And noting that such a proposal has not been raised with him in an “official manner,” Arslan said: “This stance is final and we will not discuss it with anyone.”

“We are only warning in advance in anticipation” of such a proposal, Arslan noted.

Media reports published Sunday said Speaker Nabih Berri is trying to convince Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat to accept a Druze ministerial candidate who would be “close to him and also to Arslan.”

Jumblat has been demanding that his party be allocated all three Druze seats in a 30-member Cabinet while Arslan, backed by the Free Patriotic Movement, has insisted that his party be given one of the three Druze seats.

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Thumb marcus 02 September 2018, 17:59

Who is this loser to dictate terms and conditions?

Oh, he is now a runner for the aounis.

Thumb whyaskwhy 03 September 2018, 16:04

Syria since it was invited into Lebanon by the Franjiyis has enjoyed placing puppets at will into the countries parliament. This continues unopposed by the sheep who now are busy grazing while this natural phenomena goes on. Syria never left Lebanon it is now a permanent fixture thanks to the diminutive general that supposedly opposed it years ago....