Hariri Says His Jurisdiction 'Clear', Defends Draft Line-Up as 'Convincing'


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on Tuesday defended the draft Cabinet line-up he presented Monday to President Michel Aoun as “convincing,” while stressing that his jurisdiction as PM-designate is “clear.”

Reiterating that the format entails “no victors or losers,” Hariri called for “looking at the full half of the cup.”

“If the reservations are negotiable, I'm willing to review them,” the PM-designate added, stressing that “the government will inevitably be formed.”

“Every person has to come off his throne so that we form the government,” Hariri went on to say.

Earlier in the day, the Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc criticized Hariri's draft line-up, warning of a perceived attempt to "encroach" on Aoun's powers and "bypass the results of the parliamentary elections."

The Presidency said Monday that Aoun voiced reservations over the line-up based on “the standards that he had announced for the government's format which are necessary to achieve the country's interest.”

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Thumb s.o.s 04 September 2018, 20:45

Hariri is a class ii player. He’s talking about half cups whilst others aim at barrels.

He either forms a government of technocrats to save the little dignity he has left or he should resign on the spot. Enough of this BS and time wasting. The crooks are getting their humongous salaries whilst nothing is achieved. Resign, resign, resign!

Thumb barrymore 04 September 2018, 21:22

Go into exile; we are sick of you.

Thumb whyaskwhy 04 September 2018, 22:38

He may pack up and leave now that he finds how effective his role is when he opposes Syria and Iran's wishes for the region. Clown is unopposed and is hard headed enough to say let the country burn its my way or the highway. Its not the first time he has taken the country down the drain from his megalomaniacs tendencies...

Missing ysurais 05 September 2018, 11:16

pls follow the standards put forth by bezzil and it will work out in z castle i promise u..

Missing ysurais 05 September 2018, 11:22

i told u long time ago my friend u need a different job, a different country, a different everything, somewhere far away like chicoutimi or Rimouski, people would love uu..

Missing ysurais 05 September 2018, 11:23

no offense not only u but all z politicians in here need to go...