Judge Salim Jreissati Succeeds Nahhas as Labor Minister

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President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati signed on Friday a decree appointing Judge Salim Jreissati as the successor of former Labor Minister Charbel Nahhas, the National News Agency reported.

Miqati and Suleiman signed the decree at the Baabda Palace, a day after Nahhas officially resigned.

Local newspapers speculated that Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun has limited his nominations to former director general at Baabda Palace Joseph Jreissati to replace Nahhas or Judge Salim Jreissati.

The Grand Serail’s sources told As Safir that the name of the successor will be chosen from a list of suggestions that Aoun had made.

Source close to Miqati told al-Joumhouria newspaper that “there is a constitutional course that we should follow to prevent any violations.”

The resignation of Nahhas paved way for officials to avert a three-week cabinet crisis that had threatened to force the collapse of the government.

Nahhas, who was loyal to Aoun, had created controversy over his refusal to sign a cabinet decision taken by the majority on the transportation and education allowances decree, which had put him at loggerheads with Miqati and Suleiman.

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Default-user-icon dany (Guest) 24 February 2012, 09:03

May the Lord protect you and keep you, our great protector GMA

Missing allouchi 24 February 2012, 20:47

you so funny :)

Default-user-icon Sami (Guest) 24 February 2012, 23:20

does the labor minister have to be either a communist or a Syrian ally?

Default-user-icon Muhamada (Guest) 24 February 2012, 09:21

For those who don't remember history, Aoun became in charge of Lebanese army and Baabda Palace after eight years of Jemail hard work to build, Aoun destroyed every thing in eight weeks, the Lebanese army was destroyed and Baabda surrendered to the Syrian army. Today history repeats itself Aoun became in charge of the electricity through his son in law, Lebanese have no electricity any more and all hope down the drain, he allies with the falling regime's and radical terrorists like Hezbollah, all the hard work is down the drain again.

Thumb kesrweneh 24 February 2012, 11:31

Knowing president Jreisaty, I would say a new nightmare for Harriri’s is in motion

Default-user-icon GNL (Guest) 24 February 2012, 14:12

Jreissati is a pure Syrian tool, it's not a secret that he's very close to Assad and will follow Syrian orders if the choice was between Assad or his local friends and Aoun. Micho was warned about this by the "four wise men" when he appointed Charbel Nahhas obviously he hasn't learned from the debacle. Funny that the name of General Nadim Lteif one of the "four wise men" was one of the names offered to replace Nahhas but the powers behind the government needed someone they can control and manipulate.

Default-user-icon Jamil (Guest) 24 February 2012, 14:19

Hey muhamada ya nowri it's not Bassil that gives the electricity nor can he provide it unless najib mikati the prime minister along with the cabinet approve it. So dont blame the minister when he is not the one responsible. He is the one working to provide electricity to all. Get your facts right habibe & don't be so naive like many Lebanese people are.

Default-user-icon Nash (Guest) 24 February 2012, 16:05

jamil???ur beloved Bassil already received 1.7 billions.I understand if he cannot improve the service but to get worse?????
Let s guess who is the naive one here?

Why not you try to name one of your GMA achievements ?
Im not talking about breaking Hussain Bolt world record when he made the Speedy Gonzales to french embassy.

Default-user-icon Nash (Guest) 24 February 2012, 18:48

So i gather from what our saying Jamil ,that Bassil is only a flower pot in the government right?he is not responsible for electricity?and not responsible for the red dieselgate .

La2 bas 2awe ktir hal general ou el FPM that they cannot even regulate the distribution and control of red diesel sale, lolo.

My grandmother would do a better job no????

Missing hasanzibowawa1 24 February 2012, 18:54

corruption and the illiterate FPM members believe in their leaders who own private jets

Missing hasanzibowawa1 24 February 2012, 22:20

jreisati must have been the highest bidder. as we know, if you want to become an MP or minister,you dont have to belong to the FPM, but rather pay a couple of million dollars and swear your obediance to the demented general!