Interview with the Core Team of I-DAW, the Engine Behind PINE

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Have you heard of I-DAW (Intelligent Development of Applications on Web)? It’s a Beirut based company that has been established a year and a half ago. However, its story began around 5-6 years back. At the current stage, with a growth of over 100% in terms of number of customers in the last 6 months, the team believes the company is approaching the end of its startup life, ready to focus on establishing a corporate structure. Even though I-DAW has not attracted a lot of media attention so far, it seems as it is doing excellent, preparing to expand regionally and gaining more and more popularity among its existing and potential customers.

The company has been selected among the top 50 participants at this year’s MITEF Arab Business Plan Competition. They are now getting prepared for the rest of the competition hoping to win or at least get connected with as many business and technical partners as possible since this is what they look after right now.

Last week we invited the I-DAW team at Seeqnce offices in Hamra and had a chat with them. The guys have definitely a great story to tell.

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