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Qatar Envoy in Beirut as Lebanon on Edge over Beheading Threat

Qatar's envoy, who is tasked with mediating the release of Lebanese soldiers and policemen taken captive by jihadists from a border town, is expected to arrive in Beirut on Friday amid hopes by their families that the hostages will escape beheading.

The envoy, a Syrian, is scheduled to meet with members from the Muslim Scholars Committee and officials close to al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front away from media spotlight.

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MEA Flight Returns to Beirut after 'Precautionary' Landing in Rome

A Middle East Airlines flight from Geneva arrived in Beirut on Sunday after landing in Rome over the absence of a passenger, the airline announced.

MEA said in a statement that the aircraft was heading from the Swiss city to Rafik Hariri International Airport in the Lebanese capital when it was revealed that a passenger with a boarding pass did not take the flight.

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Police Arrest Beirut Drug Dealer, 2 Clients

Police said Sunday that they have arrested a Lebanese drug dealer and two of his clients in Beirut.

A communique issued by the Internal Security Forces said that F.Aa., a 32-year-old Lebanese, was arrested on the Beirut Airport road for the possession of 35 grams of cocaine and 50 grams of hashish.

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Gunfire Targets Syrian Camps in al-Qaa, Tyre as Borj al-Shamali Municipality Denies Expelling Refugees

Two Syrians were wounded Wednesday evening when unknown gunmen opened fire from a car on a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekaa border town of al-Qaa, state-run National News Agency reported.

Meanwhile, MTV said gunfire targeted another Syrian refugee camp in the southern region of Tyre, adding that no casualties were reported.

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Backlash against Syria Refugees after Jihadists Kill Two Soldiers

The kidnap and murder of Lebanese security forces by jihadists from Syria has sparked new tensions in Lebanon, including a backlash against Syrian refugees and a string of sectarian kidnappings.

Relatives of the missing soldiers and policemen, who were kidnapped during fierce clashes in the Lebanese border town of Arsal last month, have blocked roads in protest and even carried out counter-kidnaps.

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Angry Protesters Torch Syrian Tents in Beirut, Bekaa

Angry Lebanese nationals reportedly torched tents that were housing Syrian refugees after news emerged on the beheading of another Lebanese soldier by Islamist gunmen who overran the northeastern border town of Arsal in August.

MTV reported on Sunday that enraged protesters set ablaze tents for Syrian refugees residing in encampments in Beirut's southern suburb neighborhood of al-Lailaki and Hay al-Sellom.

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EDL Contract Workers Prevent Employees from Entering HQ as Hayek Holds onto Law

Electricite du Liban contract workers prevented on Thursday full-time employees from entering the premises of the company's headquarters in Beirut's Mar Mikhael area.

“The actions undertaken by the contract workers are outrageous,” the company's Director General Kamal al-Hayek told reporters gathered outside the building.

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EDL Managers Say They Are Not Responsible for Work Stoppage

Electricite du Liban announced on Friday that the state-run firm's managers have informed the director general that they were not responsible for the repercussions of the work stoppage caused by the contract workers' strike.

The managers sent Director General Kamal al-Hayek a memo stating they were “banned” from carrying out their duties at the company's headquarters in Beirut’s Mar Mikhael district.

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EDL Workers Arrested amid Widespread Anger

Electricite du Liban contract workers blocked roads across Lebanon after security forces arrested several of their colleagues during a protest that turned violent in the southern city of Tyre.

The state-run National News Agency said two men were apprehended when the workers clashed with the security forces for reopening a road they had blocked near the company's office in Tyre.

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Hip Hop, Graffiti in Lebanon Tag a Nation's Woes

In a red-lit bar in Beirut, Nasser Shorbaji and Marwan Alameh try not to knock the microphones over while laughing during the broadcast of their weekly radio show.

Moments later, they turn more somber as they introduce a segment on Palestinian hip hop, discussing the most recent outbreak of war on Gaza. Heads nod in the packed bar to the rhymes of Sati, a Palestinian rapper.

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