Interview with Ramy Dodin, Co-founder of Magnolia Labs and Former Software Engineer at Google

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For people who see themselves as a sort of a catalyst, the natural place to go is entrepreneurship and found their own company rather than be employees within large companies where they are expected to be more specialized and limited in their thinking”, - Ramy Dodin, Founder of Magnolia Labs and former software engineer at Google .

Ramy Dodin is the co-founder of Magnolia Labs. Prior to Magnolia he worked as a Software Engineer at Google and completed a BA in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

In an interview we conducted with Ramy recently, we had an opportunity to learn more about his experience at Google, the reason he left Google, his past experience, as well as his view on the startup scene in the Arab world.

In the end he advised other entrepreneurs to be creative, to believe in themselves but at the same time to remain humble and open to accept negative feedback because "there are a lot of extraordinary entrepreneurs out there. If you don't do it right, someone else will do it".

Who is Ramy Dodin?

He is a graduate from University of California Berkeley with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences.

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