Project Better: Speak Up for the Better Safely, Today at Stanford University


Last weekend we talked to Sherif Maktabi, Founder of Project Better, over Skype. He’s launching the project today at Stanford University.

You can read more about the core team of Project Better in the biographies provided at the end of the article.

What is Project Better?

It is a space where people share their ideas, dreams, hopes, and concerns with the ultimate goal to make something better. Moreover, Project Better gives people the tools to listen to other people’s ideas and “give the respect those ideas deserve”, said Sherif.

“These tools can be physical, digital, mobile, or web. It can be a book, an installation guide, or a web platform”, he further explained. “We are so excited to announce that we are launching where anyone can create a free online space for his community. And the project is not only online.”

For example, Sherif applied this concept to one installation he made in Barking, a suburban town in London.

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