e-dailydish.com Launched Its First Facebook Game: Spicy Dish


e-dailydish.com launched its first Facebook Game called Spicy Dish.

The game will be running for 10 days and will bring over 200 awesome prizes to its fans, among which iPad 3 is the “hot spice” prize. So make sure you start playing Spicy Dish NOW.

What is the game about?

It is a slot machine similar to the one of a casino slot machine, with the main difference of using spices to play with instead of tokens. In addition, inviting friends to play the game will earn you more spices, i.e. more tries to win a prize.

The game has two levels:

1. The regular game level: The first time you play the game you have 3 spices on disposal. Once you “spend” them, you need to invite a friend (a pop up window where you invite friends automatically appears) in order to continue. Each friend brings you one spice.

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