Lebanese Startup Interactive Switch Brings Speed Ticket Lebanon


Many people in Lebanon know how frustrating and expensive it can be to receive a speeding ticket. Aside from the initial monetary costs of fines, further frustration arises and more costs are incurred when a driver has not paid a fee on time, simply because he or she was unaware of the ticket in the first place.

Speed Ticket Lebanon, available on Android and iPhone, was designed to provide a safe, user-friendly way to track your speed tickets in the simplest way possible, keeping drivers aware of how many tickets they may have. It provides on-demand information that may be otherwise difficult to find about fines incurred on a certain car.

The app was designed and released by Interactive Switch, a new design and development studio founded by Jessy Mouawad and Hicham Hajj Boutros. The startup specializes in website design and development, Facebook and mobile applications, and “pretty much all things digital”, according to co-founder Hicham, who discussed the state of developers in Lebanon, as well as why Interactive Switch released Speed Ticket Lebanon.

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Default-user-icon Khaled K (Guest) 11 July 2012, 14:19

Actually, if you read it, he says he's not encouraging speeding. He's just helping avert the additional costs of missing out on paying your ticket. So, you can't use the excuse of "I didn't know"
I like what he says about entrepreneurs and developers in the country: "You got to keep it here by making it here"
This article was funny and pretty cool. I like it!

Default-user-icon Ace (Guest) 13 August 2012, 13:37

Creating a free app in LEBANON for lebanese drivers to check on their tickets. mmmm .. sounds very lucrative..

Default-user-icon ghass (Guest) 16 August 2012, 03:39

what about cars with no registration plates,how can the cams catch it?
or maybe the cams are equipped with eye detection?funny