Aflamnah: The First Crowdfunding Initiative Dedicated to the Middle East


Crowdfunding is not a new concept abroad, however it does feel like it is just starting out in the Middle East. Crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter, have seen much success, as they help talented individuals fund a wide range of projects with the help of passionate, like-minded individuals pledging support to help bring their ideas to life.

Aflamnah is the Arab region’s first crowdfunding website. It was launched during the Cannes film festival on July 1st, and aims to change the perception of crowdfunding to the public of the region.

In a bid to build on the incredible talent and creativity in the MENA area, Aflamnah focuses on projects for the Arab world created by Arabs, or by individuals or organizations that care about the culture, society, and people, resident in any of its countries.

Vida Rizq, the co-founder of Aflammnah, hopes to change the way that creativity is conceived in the Arab World, and hopes to encourage a new generation of directors, artists and storytellers to pursue their passion.

In this interview, Rizq also discusses moving past a one-size fits all model for financing creativity; how pull-marketing models relate to crowd funding; and why fan-funding encourages people to become more active participants in their cultural lives.

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