Harb Assassination Attempt Suspect Refuses to Appear at Investigation because he is a Hizbullah Official

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Mahmoud Hayek, the suspect in the assassination attempt against MP Butros Hard, refused to appear before the investigative bodies because he is a member of Hizbullah’s security apparatus, according to the lawmaker and some security sources Saturday.

Harb said that a car plate number was found inside the bag carried by the suspect when he tried to booby trap the top of the building elevator of his office in the Sami Solh region. The plate turned out to belong to a Hizbullah member who was called in for questioning, but refused, the An Nahar daily said.

Harb considered the telecom data issue as the missing link in the investigation, noting that ministers of Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement refused to hand in the data needed for the completion of investigation.

The cabinet had decided in its meeting earlier this month to provide the security apparatus with the telecom data and limit the international mobile subscriber identity IA.

According to LBC television Friday, the security apparatus summoned M.H., from the southern town of Adchit, for questioning on the backdrop of Harb’s assassination attempt in a bid to compare his fingerprints and DNA to the ones found at the crime scene.

However, it was learned that M.H. is a prominent Hizbullah official, and that he was not at his home when security members arrived to notify him. His wife said that any request related to her husband must pass through the Hizbullah security committee, LBC added.

A senior security source told An Nahar that such behavior explains the insistence of Hizbullah and its allies not to hand in the full telecom data to the security sources.

The source added on condition of anonymity: “The investigations will not back down; there is a strict decision not to retreat or leave Lebanon a prey for tactics that aim to shake its stability.”

For its part the al-Joumhouria newspaper on Saturday quoted a security source who confirmed that the suspect is a Hizbullah official called Mahmoud Hayek.

Harb escaped an assassination attempt early July, when three people tried to plant a booby trap inside the elevator of the building where his office is located in Sami Solh.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 21 July 2012, 10:11

So this guy believes he's above the law? SEND THE ARMY NOW!

Default-user-icon Hizb-al-law (Guest) 23 July 2012, 13:15

Wallaw ... hizb-al-law ... they are the law !

Thumb phoenician 21 July 2012, 10:12

Evill traitors.

Thumb rssalman 21 July 2012, 10:18

hizbiran sees the world in the eyes of george w. bush, you're either with us or you're against us. that makes me AGAINST THEM

Thumb Bandoul 22 July 2012, 06:22

Kindly do not compare the Party of Thugs, a known terrorist organization with my former president George Bush whom I happen to respect and admire.

Thumb geha 21 July 2012, 10:38

hizbushaitan has confirmed they are behind the assassination attempt through refusing to comply.
furthermore fpm are murderors by association and through helping hide the telecom data.
these are murderors, racists, and thieves. they are spreading sectarian hatred, and driving the country towards war and destruction.
I consider any hizbushaitan and fpm as a traitor to lebanon and as such they should be tried, judged and shot.

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 21 July 2012, 11:22

As if we didn't already know, these bastards kill and then participate in the funerals, these people are barbaric and evil, they preach tolerance but exercise the complete opposite, the only language they understand is violence, Lebanon will never be free until the garbage is taking out, sooner or later they have to be dealt with.

Missing phillipo 21 July 2012, 11:22

So, does Lebanese law not allow someone to be arrested for contempt of court if he refuses to appear at his own investigation. The very fact that he refuses to appear should show all and sundry that he is as guilty as hell. If he was innocent, he would have nothing to hide.

Thumb Bandoul 22 July 2012, 06:25

Do you honestly think the Lebanese authorities have any influence on the Party of God? Did you perhaps not notice that a drone crashed last week and the Party of God would not let the Lebanese authorities enter the crash site to investigate?

Thumb Marwan34 21 July 2012, 12:18

It's enough Hezbollah you think you are above everything and can murder our greates politicans as you wish. NO it's over you have crossed the red line your resistence talk won't help you anymore. Since 2008 people have repeatly armed themselves to fight you in any further strife. Everyone remained silent out of fear beacuse of the stability. Fuck of stability with such a cancer as you we won't have any longterm peace so get ready for the final fight because it migh be your last.

Thumb Bandoul 22 July 2012, 06:28

easy, they hear no evil and see no evil...they are brainwashed up to their ears.

Thumb shab 21 July 2012, 12:52

Another saint. If they arrest him, their families will block road and burn tires. 3rd world

Thumb phoenician 21 July 2012, 13:15

Well said Phoenix.

Missing castro@46 21 July 2012, 13:46

Chouf Hezb tried to take over the Chouf and they learnt a big lesson in 2008 and if they try agian we will teach them a lesson agian fucking scum bags,once their Master Assad is gone and Iran the country of scum is bombed by the west than Hezb el cowrads is finished.

Thumb Marwan34 21 July 2012, 13:55

Absolutely !!!

Default-user-icon Alexander (Guest) 21 July 2012, 14:09

This incident reminds that of Antelias where perpetrators died during their mission. If they did not we would be speculating actually about palestinian or LF members. Now we have another chance: a clue about one of the assassins. And here again it turns out that both crimes may have been done by same group. And once again interferences try to hammer the investigation to protect their saints from zionists who are trying to tarnish their holy image...

Thumb benzona 21 July 2012, 15:15

don't over estimate the typical hezbollahi militia man. They aren't the smartest people around. Come on, who'else would believe that God was born in 1947 when Alex Kalashnikov invented his weapon? Because the Party of God uses this a their logo... I'm sure this Mahmoud Hayek kept the license plate as a trophy... His vanity will cost him his life. Inchallah!

Thumb beiruti 21 July 2012, 15:59

Whether Hezbollah sent this guy to kill Harb, or whether Hezbollah is now simply shielding the guy from the investigation, it is the same. Conspiracy to commit murder = accessory before the fact = accessory after the fact. Hezbollah is in the catagory of one, or the other or all criminal classifications.
And it leads the government. Is there no question why Lebanon has descended into a lawless society with bank robberies, abductions, kidnappings and murder. There is no respect for the authority because the authority is first and most expert in robberies, abductions, kidnappings and murder.

Default-user-icon neon (Guest) 21 July 2012, 18:08

Maybe the excellent Abbass Ibrahim anointed under "Aoun I will return the rights to Christians" rule could concocts a cuning plan where his forces would nab Mahmoud Hayek from one of Mini stir Safadi`s organizations.

Default-user-icon anonymousleb (Guest) 21 July 2012, 18:22

But the license plate was not on the car...it was in the bag...that doesn't make sense at all!

Missing samiam 21 July 2012, 19:01

Another assassination attempt, and another one showing that the so called party of god is involved. I guess they went from being a resistance to being a mafia and having guns for hire.

Thumb Bandoul 22 July 2012, 06:34

They were always Mafia...where have you been.

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 21 July 2012, 19:05

Call for the Hezz leader in the court too.

When ASSad goes and there is another war with the Hezz/Israel the Shia will run around Lebanon saying "haram, help us, we are poor and Lebanese too". I say screw them, they are murdering the good leaders of Lebanon. Syria won't be a place to run either. Let them live in the dirt for being dirty.

Missing ReaLeb 21 July 2012, 21:25

Ashraf el-ness.

Default-user-icon M.H (Guest) 21 July 2012, 21:29

AMEN to you buddy,at least there is an American other than myself with the exact same train of thoughts.I truly believe the whole thing is to frame the other side much like they tried to frame them with hariri's assassination.They don't look beyound their noses.I watched Rafik driving Andrea Mitchel of 60 minutes thru beirut via the same path from his home to downtown Beirut,the same path but in reverse that he took the day of his assassination.Has anybody looked into foreign attempts to assassinate him like the belligerent illegal entity to the south of Lebanon.Broaden your visions Lebanese,Rafik at that time was making speeches regarding the Right Of Return which is against Israel's basic fiber.That in itself is a motivation to eliminate him and so it did,then tagged Hezballah with it.I say broaden your vision again

Missing amboray 21 July 2012, 22:03

Can't stand hizb but i can't say I'm too displeased about this... Remember mr harb how u provided political cover for the murderer who killed my cousin- you know who I'm talking about and if you don't it's because you have done this many times.now what goes around comes around. Seb7an Alla

Thumb andre.jabbour 21 July 2012, 22:06

I don't believe he reads naharnet. your message was evidently written for us, so open up and tell us who your cousin was.

Missing forces 22 July 2012, 02:14

Amboray that right here is the real problem in lebanon, we all forget come election time of these clowns lack of achievement in the previous term, yet we are more than happy to sell ourselves for a further 3 years for a mere $200-$300 or whatever the going bribe rate is, to re-elect and clap our hands and proclaim our support. Who said prostitution in lebanon did not exist. Before we vote try asking yourself what has he done in his last term? and is he worthy of another term? not who he belongs to or how much has he paid me or what road he fixed at election. Very sad but true. If we break this cycle and the youth start voting with their minds and away from their traditional family ties lebanon would be a much better place.

Thumb Bandoul 22 July 2012, 06:37

@forces, not all of us live in Leb and under the influence of bribery.

Thumb primesuspect 22 July 2012, 06:44

Do you consider paying for airline tickets as bribery? If one cannot afford to vote for his leader because the Lebanese embassies and consulates don't allow him to vote where He/She resides, should we just stay out of the political game that will determine our future
? You know, flying from South America to Lebanon is VERY expensive.

Missing forces 22 July 2012, 08:31

@bandoul, i have no doubt a lot don't accept bribes but how many really vote on the merits of the candidate v who he belongs to?

Missing forces 22 July 2012, 08:36

@primesuspect, unfortunatley if any politician is paying for airline tickets for what ever the circumstances then in my opinion they are worthy to hold public office. My point was we should be critical in giving our vote. We should always ask what has he done for Lebanon and is he worthy of another term. If we get this right, these institutional flaws you are referring to would no doubt be fixed by more competent leaders, who are better qualified and have lebanons best interest at heart..

Default-user-icon JC Williams (Guest) 21 July 2012, 23:09

I see Naharnet is polluting any potential jury base by implicating Hezbollah like the Americans did in the Bulgaria Bombings that killed Israelis. Automatically a large portion of you readers say guilty. It's too obvious to leave a plate license somewhere in a bag. The Israelis just kill and leave in a rush putting it on witnesses to identify suspects that quickly leave the country. That is a serious and successful assassination attempt. This was an elaborate attempt that had loads of potential to fail . I would guess this "suspect" isn't smart enough to pull something like this off and if he was really involved he would have alreadyu left Lebanon.

Missing forces 22 July 2012, 02:05

jc they wanted to examine his prints etc against the bag and contents. If he is innocent he should not worry about providing that should he? That is unless the obvious, and god forbid his prints & dna are linked to other crimes. I liked in particular his wife's comment that the ISF go through the hezb security committee. Another clear example of hezb arrogance and further strengthing the fact this clowns have no intent on addressing their weapons, otherwise their security committee cannot bail them out of trouble.

Default-user-icon amboray (Guest) 22 July 2012, 02:52

I agree. The authorities know all the details so what good would it be to post my cousins name. The voting is an issue because there is no alternative, so many people vote for 'their side' to prevent the other side from coming in to power.essentially we are voting for the less of two evils. I myself prefer m14 Lebanese forces- but my previous comment was to show both sides have blood on their hands...

Default-user-icon Danyi Sokholovitch (Guest) 22 July 2012, 03:22

Naharnet cannot find a more recent photo of Moun7ani Harb that does not show the hump that he developed from continuously bending over for and being mounted by all of Lebanon's enemies.

Thumb Bandoul 22 July 2012, 06:20

If the plate is a plant, and it could very well be, then why not come forward and compare fingerprints? Right on anoymetexasusa.

Missing cedars 22 July 2012, 06:40

Raid the Telecommunication Ministry now and obtain the telecom evidence, meanwhile put his picture/name on the interpol watch list, contact the People, Army and Resistance leadership via Berri to turn him in with a lawyer to defend us if he is innocent since a member of the Parliament/family was targeted.