Partial Results of Official Lebanese Exams Announced

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Preliminary results for the General Sciences (SG) and Life Sciences (SV) have been released. Other categories will be announced next week.

  • 04 August 2012, 16:45

    SG & SV results are now available

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Default-user-icon telmiz m3assab (Guest) 04 August 2012, 14:56

walla chu ?

Thumb benzona 04 August 2012, 14:58

ay karamba... More intense pressure on the students ;-)

Default-user-icon jessica (Guest) 04 August 2012, 15:04

where can we get our grades, i mean in details, not just to know if we passed or no..

Default-user-icon georgio (Guest) 05 April 2014, 09:17

??haha jessica saade

Thumb leblover 04 August 2012, 15:10

this's because the sms system, Good coz there not electricity so you can send sms, what's a progress in lebanon? god help the lebanese people to push out the politicians.

Default-user-icon Naharnet webmaster (Guest) 04 August 2012, 17:40

Please note that the SMS service is available. Just send an SMS with your exam type - SG or SV for the moment, followed by your candidate number, to 1070, in Lebanon and you will get the result. This is a complimentary service in collaboration between the Ministries of Education and Telecom as well as Alfa, Touch, PowerMe Mobile and Naharnet.

Default-user-icon guest (Guest) 04 August 2012, 22:11

what if you got a passing grade, and the status was معلقة
which means pending, does anybody know anything about it?

Default-user-icon george (Guest) 06 August 2012, 10:52

Any news about SE results??

Default-user-icon Simon (Guest) 06 August 2012, 12:13

at what hour the results of SE will be published?

Default-user-icon Student (Guest) 06 August 2012, 17:06

Aymata w aya se3a 3alemet l SE w LH?????

Default-user-icon student (Guest) 08 August 2012, 11:45

ay se3a byotla3o nateyij l SE wel LH ??

Default-user-icon bibo (Guest) 08 August 2012, 16:28

Just to let u know, the sms income for the exams is about $350,000 while we used to get it free and in details. What a country :(

Default-user-icon valentina (Guest) 08 August 2012, 16:42

enoo ra7 jenn ele men l sobo7 bjarribb shou l ossa bi khsousss???

Default-user-icon Lucie (Guest) 03 September 2012, 10:46

when the results of the 2nd session(life science) will be available ?

Default-user-icon hamza (Guest) 11 September 2012, 12:39

tol3o 3alemet l brevet l dawra tenyeh

Default-user-icon omar dakak (Guest) 24 July 2013, 10:48

Aymata l dawra tenye brevet plz redoooooooooooooooooooooo

Default-user-icon mmmaaa (Guest) 24 July 2013, 12:51

min by3f aymta nat2ej lbevet jabal lebnen

Default-user-icon rabih (Guest) 31 August 2013, 17:34

Heyyy dawra tenyi sv tel3ou walla ba3d? Plzzzzzzz redddddouuuuu

Default-user-icon ramy obide (Guest) 04 September 2013, 10:17

tol3o 3alemet 2nd brevet plzzzzz

Default-user-icon Christina insaf hassan husni (Guest) 22 June 2015, 01:57

Rakam el tarshe7 41562 bade 23ref eza naj7a 2w sa3ta