Results of Humanities, Sociology and Economics Official Exams Announced

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The results of the secondary school official exams for the Humanities (LH) section and the Sociology and Economics (SE) section were announced on Wednesday afternoon.

Middle school official exam results, Brevet (BR), are set to be announced next week according to Lebanese districts.

Results for the General Science (SG) and Life Science (SV) sections were released on Saturday.

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Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 08 August 2012, 14:44

Likes This

Default-user-icon dahlia (Guest) 08 August 2012, 15:04

MAIS le ministre a reclame que l'annonce des resultas des examens officiels sera aujourd hui pour les memes sections (LH) et (SE)

Default-user-icon marmoura (Guest) 08 August 2012, 15:20

ayya se3a???

Default-user-icon Nader (Guest) 08 August 2012, 15:59

bs aya se3a afternoon l3alam 3a tbkee :S

Default-user-icon nader (Guest) 08 August 2012, 16:00

ayya se3a

Default-user-icon lara (Guest) 08 August 2012, 16:31

the results of LH came!! before SE

Default-user-icon sara (Guest) 08 August 2012, 20:41

its unfairrrrrr there is no good correctionnn

Default-user-icon Unknown (Guest) 09 August 2012, 12:27

When are the brevet results? Please reply.

Missing rudy 09 August 2012, 12:58

most read article.. now we know the average age group on this website

Default-user-icon salwa (Guest) 11 August 2012, 17:58

dawra tenye lal breuve emtin

Default-user-icon nathalie (Guest) 19 July 2013, 12:52

hek bta3mlo bl 3alam ma bta3touwa natijta??????ana mou3allaka w i know fi sabab bas mch hek 3al alili oulouli nej7a aw sa2ta mch la7 t5saro chi barke mch nej7a badde 2drous lal dawra l tenye 5alli 3ndkoun chwayit 27ses bl nes 2nto ma 3a belkoun bas ana yalli sarle yawmen 3ala a3sabe 7sso chway 3tbro 2bnkoun bi hal maw2af chou bta3mlo???