One Killed, 25 Wounded in Tripoli Protest against Anti-Islam Film

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Youths on Friday attempted to storm the Tripoli Serail in protest against a film that mocks Islam.

One person was killed and 25 were wounded in the ensuing clashes between the protesters and the security forces.

The Lebanese army soon began to deploy in the area, said Voice of Lebanon radio.

Security forces soon cordoned off the area to prevent them from heading any further, added VDL.

The youths then began to pelt the building with stones, it added.

VDL later reported that calm has begun to return to the city.

The protesters had earlier set fire to a KFC and Hardees restaurant in the northern city.

A low-budget movie, "Innocence of Muslims" in which actors have strong American accents and portrays Muslims as immoral and gratuitously violent has sparked angry and violent protests across the Muslim world.

It pokes fun at the Prophet Mohammed and touches on themes of pedophilia and homosexuality, while showing him sleeping with women, talking about killing children and referring to a donkey as "the first Muslim animal."

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Missing rimkiezel 14 September 2012, 16:11

Well done boys u scored a victory over the colonel! IDIOTS!

Default-user-icon arturo (Guest) 14 September 2012, 16:16

Are they trying to prove that they are violent.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:21

No, they are demonstrating to the world they are illiterate savages who can be used as pawns by those who stole their religion to achieve their own gains.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 16:17

Now american companies will pull out of Tripoli, creating more unemployment. more poverty. more radicalism. This is what u want for ur city?... We need tear gas thrown on those thugs.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:22

That is precisely what HA/Iran wants. Create an even bigger dependency on them and more hatred towards the west. It is called oppression by domination.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:42

Easy FT, I will always honor a respectful question with a response. HA is in control of the security in the south. All and any incident that occur under their supervision while the look the other way is their responsibility.

Thumb bigsami 14 September 2012, 19:48

BSThrower and pathetic aliases states: "how is HA/iran behind the Tripoli unrest? i'm interested to know your 'analysis" >>> It doesn't but what does is this naharnet article below that has YOUR name written all over it Mr. Farsi always defending and supporting the scums HA who YOU still think in that pea-sized conditioned brain is YOUR resistance/savior from the Big Bad Wolf Israel. Idiot!

Default-user-icon dandan (Guest) 14 September 2012, 18:53

you think you are talking to people who understand? those who do that are just animals, illeterate, sheeps that they themselves don't know that!! I petty them actually for their ignorance, but they need to be put in jails anyways, coz animals like this can't walk with people on the streets..

Default-user-icon Atef (Guest) 14 September 2012, 16:19

Time for saqr saqr and m charbel to deal once for all with the thugs in Tripoli. They only seem to aim all efforts towards the Shia and nothing is done towards the salafists and wahabist terrorists in Tripoli.

Missing theobserver 14 September 2012, 16:20

They are just confirming the film's point of view.

Thumb Chupachups 14 September 2012, 16:20

FT I agree ... Let them flip those burgers

Thumb Chupachups 14 September 2012, 16:21

Not just idiots... 7amiiiiiiirrrr

Missing cedar_revolution 15 September 2012, 06:30

there goes FT,,,,bandoul said,,this is what HA and Iran wants,,,he didn't say they are behind to careful when replying to a comment.a single word can change everything,huh?

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 16:22

The Moslem religious authorities have to CONTROL what is being said in mosques. We cannot let each illuminated stray cheikh play with the brains of our youth and convince them that their current misery is due to a stupid Israeli 5000Km away who shot a low budget movie. and that burning gouvernment institution will give them some revenge!!!

Missing phillipo 14 September 2012, 16:37

Get your facts right.
It has now been proved 100% that the idiot who produced the film is not an Israeli, but an Egyptian Copt.
I know you like to find that Israel is behind everything that happens in the world, but ...........Proved wrong this time.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 September 2012, 17:24

I heard it was done by an egyptian copt with financing by an israeli. But if you are focusing on who did it you are missing the point. The point is to control what is being said in mosques.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:25

It is irrelevant who made it. Nothing warrants such a violent response.

Missing ibn_israeli 14 September 2012, 17:28

Egyptian copt. Not israeli. Not jewish.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:28

I made it, who cares??? It is being used as a pretext to stir up hatred and irrational feelings towards the US in preparation for another surprise war started by HA...wake up and smell the coffee!

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:24

Excellent point.

Thumb joeleb 14 September 2012, 16:27

shou hal bajam, acting just like the movie says! Burning KFC and Hardees? They are Lebanese owned ya 7amir, you are hurting their Lebanese owners! and storming the police department? what the F? I agree lebanon_first, what is said in mosques should be controled, these morons believe anything they are told!

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 14 September 2012, 16:37

Yikes where are all the Hezb comments and all the usual sectarian comments? This is the true face of the Arab Spring, radical Islamists protesting and burning and killing, just like they did in Iraq to the Christians and the Shiites there they will do the same everywhere. Just curious where all the hypocrits are that are constantly bashing one group on this forum. cLOWNS.

Default-user-icon Mehdi (Guest) 14 September 2012, 16:45

Compared to these animals the donkey is a higher being.

Default-user-icon Darwish (Guest) 14 September 2012, 16:56

The film is not from Jews or Zionists as some would like to jump and say, it is simply an act of hypocrisy from fundamentalist U.S Copts... Let's see what these copts would do if a muslim director did a film portraying Jesus being gay for example and sleeping with his disciples... They just like to ridicule other religions thinking that their faith and its founders are perfect and superior to anything else...

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 15 September 2012, 07:44

Go ahead compare the founder of both faiths!

Thumb geha 14 September 2012, 17:00

this act is wrong. they should be arrested.
the copt who did this is just crazy, as if copts in Egypt need this headache too.

Missing phillipo 15 September 2012, 14:06

Your "thought" is so warped. Everyone, even read the responses here, admits that it is an Egyptian Copt, but you continue to blame the Jews. You are so caught up in your anti-Jewish line of thought that nothing, even the truth, can make you admit that for once your claims are in the wrong.

Default-user-icon Colonel Sanders (Guest) 14 September 2012, 17:07

Special one day only at KFC Tripoli, half price on baked crispy chicken.

Default-user-icon mo (Guest) 14 September 2012, 17:09

Ah yes, Islam the religion of peace.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:34

Ignorant comment! Islam has been hijacked. Real Muslims do not behave this way. Only illiterate and impoverished savages are programmed by thugs are triggered like zombies.

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 17:23

You can't blame the people at there hatred towards America. This isn't just about a movie, this has been building up for all of atrocities America has done to middle east. It's not right , but stop making a big fuss about it. DOwn with USA

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:34

Retarded comment.

Default-user-icon habib (Guest) 14 September 2012, 17:26

Notice Shia Muslims aren't doing this. Salafism is the greatest threat to the world.

Default-user-icon lebanese (Guest) 14 September 2012, 18:14

HAHA this is the face of the Arab Spring that Geagea has been selling the Christians... that clown is the biggest sell out in Christian history. How would he ally with these Salafis who regard Christians (Shiites, Druze, and Jews for that matter) as infidels? Bravo to the LF and their supporters, enjoy your allies.

Default-user-icon hajj radwan (Guest) 14 September 2012, 18:38

Nah, the Shia only attack Achrafieh's mono street and Ain el Rimeneh when one guy appears on TV dressed like Hassan Nastrallah. The guy in the Nasrallah disguise happen to be a Christian so the Shia attacked Christian neighborhoods, very logical and hateful of them.

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:38

All organized terrorist groups and the crowds they attract and control are a threat to the world. That includes Salafis, Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian mercenary group aka HA!

Thumb Sanelebanese 15 September 2012, 04:56

Totally agree

Default-user-icon Abb (Guest) 14 September 2012, 17:40


Thumb bigsami 14 September 2012, 18:32

Farsi love HA and Iran. Get out of here!

Thumb Bandoul 14 September 2012, 18:39

as well as the Iranian mercenary group aka HA!

Missing roger@10452 14 September 2012, 18:55

Ya Tripoli, do you know that today the Pope is in Lebanon with a message for PEACE???

Shame on you and cut the crap out...

Missing 14 September 2012, 19:23

No one should ridicule anyone's religion, but how can the entire Muslim world, hold the entire USA responsible for the actions of one idiot? I have nothing against Muslim's but how do they expect to EARN the respect of the rest of the world, by acting this way? It's ridiculous. When Jesus Christ is ridiculed or Jewish or Hindu or any other religions are ridiculed, do you see them rioting and killing people as acts of revenge. To the good Muslims who don't take part in these types of revenge, I salute you. To the Muslims who do take part in revenge like this: BURN IN HELL, YOU BASTARDS!!!!

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 23:28

Muslims are the ones getting attacked most, it's like all Muslims are terrorists, you might not understand what imsaying, but I see it very clearly , and no it doesn't happen to other religions as much, it's nit just about a movie, and that movie was made to provoke Muslims feelings, they are testing the reaction

Thumb Bandoul 15 September 2012, 06:49

@sidon, you are entitled to be have feelings of being insulted but what you are not entitled to do is burn down buildings and destroy property because your feelings are hurt. Grow up...this is just the excuse you use to justify your hate for America. America 7ar2a bi albkon

Thumb Bandoul 15 September 2012, 06:46

@sidon, the only savage is anyone who defends these actions. How would you like it if a group of Americans come and burn down your house every time one of your half breed brothers burns a USA flag? You wouldn't like that much, would you?

Missing phillipo 15 September 2012, 14:08

See my earlier response about your warped anti-Jewish "mind"

Thumb dasphinx 14 September 2012, 19:35

Stupid acts by religiouly-ignorant people putting many Lebanese out of work. KFC is a franchise owned by Lebanese you idiots! As a Sunni Moslem I'm tired of this Tripoli crap and much as I'm tired of the HA crap but Mikati won't do it for electoral reasons. Time for the government to govern or bye bye Lebanon.

Thumb dasphinx 14 September 2012, 19:38


Default-user-icon G (Guest) 14 September 2012, 20:08

they burnt the KFC because they didnt know how to turn on the fryer, they got hungry for chicken

Missing spartacus 14 September 2012, 20:56

Starsky: I am not muslim, and I can honestly tell you that your point of departure is hideously racist. The Muslims don't need to earn respect. Islam deserves respect like any religion. the second vicious point is claiming that the West should not be associated to the deranged person who produced the film, while you just generalised about 2 billion human beings based on the deeds of very few radical activists. This attitude (genralisations, insults, accusation, alarm, discrimination) aims at enrolling the moderate Muslims and Christians into a polarised, radical, demented, mutually destructive clash. That is why I must deplore you and denounce you.

Missing spartacus 14 September 2012, 21:04

Oh I forgot: racism against the Muslims amounts discrimination and humiliation for the entire humanity from Mauritania to Indonesia. The US are becoming a paranoic country, imprisoned within its own fears and security barriers. Exactly like Israel. The US are hated as much as Israel in the Middle East and its well deserved, because the foreign policy of the world superpower is DICTATED by the lunatics who pretend to be politicians in Israel. The West has been attacking and raping the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, and now Syria and Iran).

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 23:36

Yislam timak, only a blind fool wouldn't be able to see that, I totally agree

Missing feekahraba 15 September 2012, 00:32

Because of a stupid movie they burn the middle east, but a butcher kills and slaughters thousands of his own people, nothing is done. Tfeh 3al 3arab.

Thumb Sanelebanese 15 September 2012, 04:26

Thank you cloudhopper. You nailed it.

Thumb Sanelebanese 15 September 2012, 04:28

No one has been more demeaning to the middle east region and Muslim religion more than the idiots that live in it.

Thumb Bandoul 15 September 2012, 06:52

Long live America, best country in the world, millions want to come here every day...I am glad your kind hates us, it makes us happy because we don't to see your kind here!

Thumb primesuspect 14 September 2012, 21:06

A day like today, I'm ashamed by what happened in tripoli and the international coverage it got, even here in Venezuela. What a shame.

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 14 September 2012, 21:07

I watched this movie on youtube and found it to be of very low quality, sound was awful, language difficult to understand, but the mostawful thing was the way in which prophit Muhamad was portrayed. While I am with freedom of expression, I couldn't but despise the movie for its provacative scenario and lies about Muhamad. Muhamad was portrayed as a very cheap prophit whose main aim was to kill others and sleep with many women. I couldn't condemn this movie more because it lacked realism and quality. Had it been of quality and detailed Muhamad's life, I might have accepted it. There were many movies made about Jesus which live in our heart, like jesus of Nazareth. A movie of this quality could have glorified rather than mocked Muhamad would have been something that all the Muslim world would have embraced wholeheartedly.

Default-user-icon Rodolfo (Guest) 14 September 2012, 22:24

Shame here In brazil also... Everybody thinks here that Lebanon is going through the same situation as that of Syria!!! Everyone thinks that Lebanon is Libia and that both tripolis are the same!!! Exactly because of tha absence of the State and because of barbarians that use violence as a means of demonstration according to sectarian (not Lebanese) agendas...

Missing sidon 14 September 2012, 23:25

The army are bunch of cowards, they need 10000 men for 100 salafis, your a joke itfoo pollo alaik

Thumb lebanon_first 15 September 2012, 00:06

There is a takfiri that appeared on this forum that calls himself Sidon. That insults and hates everyone. The funny thing is: noone is answering him, noone is noticing this insect! HAHAHAHA

Thumb Sanelebanese 15 September 2012, 04:23

I wonder why those who are rioting and killing innocent people, did not denounce the Muslim extremist who decapitated journalist, teachers....what is more offensive to your religion, a movie or a bunch of religious Muslims, killing innocent people under the name of Allah Akbar. Have some courage, and dignity to bear responsibility for your weaknesses, and poor reputation, you elected your leaders, you run your own fate, and you reap what you sow.

Thumb Sanelebanese 15 September 2012, 04:33

These rioters have no clue what freedom of speech means. They are a bunch of cavemen who think killing innocent people means freedom of speech.

Missing cedars 15 September 2012, 04:46

Unfortunately those attacking the American embassies or restaurant are the low class unemployed uneducated type of people which exist everywhere and in every religion.

Thumb Sanelebanese 15 September 2012, 04:57

I concur.

Missing cedar_revolution 15 September 2012, 06:24

you surprised me,FT from your comments.

Default-user-icon Sally Shamas (Guest) 15 September 2012, 18:33

I find it difficult to believe that all of these men (who live in poor neighborhoods in Tripoli and im pretty sure their internet is as worse as mine if not worse) went on youtube googled this video and watched it. its shameful to call it a movie out of respect to the Film society that im part of.