Tadreesna.com: Stress-Free Online Tutoring for the Arab World


Tadreesna is a Jordanian L.L.C. company established in 2011 in partnership with the MENA region early stage and seed investment company Oasis500.

Tadreesna is funded by King Abdullah II Fund for Development; and aims to enhance e-learning using the internet in a simple, interactive and safe way.

“Our vision is to provide world-class on-line tutoring to students in the MENA region.” says Mrs. “Noura Fawzi Sa’d“, CEO of the Jordanian (Amman)-based startup. “Tadreesna.Com is the premier online destination for affordable education, anytime, anywhere and in any subject to help students achieve their education goals.”

Tadreesna’s mission can be summarized in the below points:

• To make world-class education accessible and affordable to the students in the MENA region.

• To create a leading regional education services internet company.

• To leverage technology, education and management and improve the lives of students.

Tadreesna’s online tutoring is a new way to give students help at home, using either one-to-one or student group virtual classes. These sessions are done through an interactive board, as well as with text and voice chat. “Sessions are just like working face to face with a tutor, but they are just more fun.”, Sa’ad adds.

Tadreesna’s goal is to help students to get the needed assistance at their home on-line without the headache needed to physically attend the traditional educational centers. This is especially useful for female students.

The Tadreesna team consists mainly of professional teachers who work remotely from their home, without the need to be present at traditional centers. This gives teachers the flexibility to work on their own time, thereby helping supplement their existing income.

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