Aoun Not Ready to Give up Power to March 14 but Doesn't Reject Cabinet Change

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun said Saturday that the March 8 alliance is not ready to give up power to the March 14 coalition that is rejecting to sit at the same table with the ruling majority.

“We are not ready to give up power to people who claim they won't sit at a single table with us,” Aoun said in an interview with al-Nour radio station. “We have made many compromises to sit with them at the table.”

“We have documents that prove their involvement in a lot of issues and we are ready to publish them,” he warned.

The cabinet has an equal representation better than the government of Fouad Saniora that had only a single ruling side, the head of the Change and Reform bloc added.

Aoun ruled out the collapse of Prime Minister Najib Miqati's government.

“There will be nothing radical today until the (parliamentary) elections,” he told his interviewer. “But even if that happens, it wouldn't be in favor of those calling for change.”

Despite his optimistic view on the fate of the government, Aoun said: “We don't object to cabinet change and we are always with renewal.”

The March 14 opposition called on the resignation of the cabinet following the Oct. 19 assassination of Internal Security Forces Intelligence chief Wissam al-Hasan.

The coalition's leaders called for the formation of a salvation government to end the tension that erupted in the aftermath of al-Hasan's killing in a car bomb explosion in Beirut's Ashrafiyeh district.

They also announced that they would not sit at the national dialogue table with Hizbullah and as long as Miqati's government is in power.

Asked about claims that Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat was preserving the cabinet, Aoun said: “Hizbullah and I are also preserving the government.”

“Had Jumblat not been convinced of the cabinet's policies or not benefiting from them, he wouldn't have stayed in it,” the FPM chief said.

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Thumb boulmich 10 November 2012, 15:15

Chou b2oul???

Thumb phoenician 10 November 2012, 15:30

Go back to ' Harit Hreik' Mr Aoun you are a disgrace.

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 10 November 2012, 18:02

Thank you Phoenician for saying it; however, it would be best if we can buy them (aoun, hassoun, and the gang) a one way ticket to iran...

Missing eliabaz 10 November 2012, 22:52

الاناء ينضح بما فيه هل خلق اللبنانيون ليبغضوا بعضهم البعض؟ هداكم الله الى السراط المستقيم

Missing trigger 10 November 2012, 15:53

All i can think of is Orange Juice

Missing peace 10 November 2012, 15:57

“We have documents that prove their involvement in a lot of issues and we are ready to publish them,” he warned.

stupidest man ever.... he s been promising to publish and publish and publish since he came back from france: he never did it... wondering if he has anything!!!

he s not willing to give up power but at the same time criticizes the gvt as if he wasn t in power!

he s promised to audit for years: what is he waiting for as he is in power?
he s promised to reform the gvt an its institutions: what is he waiting for as he is in power?
he s promised to stop corruption and send to jail corrupted politicians: what is he waiting for as he is in power?

he is just the biggest liar ever just promises, just throwing populist slogans but if you scratch beyond that there is a big vacuum....

Default-user-icon Thomas Boulos (Guest) 10 November 2012, 17:30

Have any of you guys seen the illiterate northerner, he usually comes around with idiotic remarks, he looks something like this

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 10 November 2012, 17:33

aoun will stay in power as long as he is doing his job:dividing his tribe long enough to...................
inna labiba mina ilisharate yafhamu.

Default-user-icon the_roar (Guest) 10 November 2012, 19:23

Best to keep quiet and appear stupid than to post a comment and remove all doubt.

Missing greatpierro 10 November 2012, 19:33

Could you give us please example of M14 wahabism?

Missing canadianadam 10 November 2012, 20:13

He thinks Gagea is a secret Wahhabi. Don't worry, I found Karims rational - his mother was dropped him on his head as a child.

Missing helicopter 10 November 2012, 20:16

The voice of Tehran has spoken.

Missing peace 10 November 2012, 20:46

prove him wrong then instead of trying to appear smarter than everyone....
criticizing is easy but argumenting and proving he s wrong seems hard on you....

Missing samiam 10 November 2012, 21:05

I take it the general would be upset if his SIL would no longer be in the cabinet though--he has proven his incompetence but I guess nepotism is something that still prevails no matter what the so called 'change and reform' party thinks.

Missing gabby8 10 November 2012, 21:54

The comb over is starting lower and lower. Soon his ear will be in the way of his youthful looks!!!

Missing mmckinl 10 November 2012, 23:09

March 14 has no plan to relieve Lebanon of its' crisis much of which they created. They are behaving like spoiled children with Hariri in the lead.

Missing samiam 10 November 2012, 23:33

and M8 has proved they don't know how to govern by showing their incompetence and infighting between the various groups. what exactly are this government's achievements? more kidnappings, more strikes, more debt

Missing mmckinl 11 November 2012, 00:30

Then the answer is simple ... March 14 should campaign and win the elections in 2013. By then they can get their policies together. Just being anti March 8 is not a strategy to govern. Taking government with a mandate based on policy is the right way to go.

The ongoing political crisis hurts everyone yet March 14 persists. Do they really have the best interests of Lebanon at heart? I would say that they are using Hassan's death in a way he would not have approved.

Missing realist 11 November 2012, 00:06

death to the persian thugs

Missing realist 11 November 2012, 00:08

these folks only understand/respect the language of terror and violence, do not waste your breath reasoning with them. Only when the people start shooting back, kill some M8 politicians, and some reporters such as charl ayoub who was making explicit death threats against al hassan, then and only then can lebanese make peace. There is no escape from another civil war.

Missing realist 11 November 2012, 00:10

The war is coming to lebanon, the masna3 crossing will fall to the FSA in 2013 and the war will spill over to the beka3 valley. Matter of time, the lebanese community is more than fertile for vengance from the hizbustanis for all the injustice and terror they have subjected the lebanese people to.

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 11 November 2012, 01:58

@ General Aoun, youve been saying since 2006 you have lots of documents to prove this and that about others, where are they? just like your 15million $ stolen from baabda when u went to france. Everyone has proof, but its sad you all cover it up beeing scared that others will as well show proof about how corrupt each one is. Anyway general , the only proof we have of you beeing a coward is a all time sprint record to the french embassy timed by your dear student Usain bolt

Default-user-icon Leb Citizen (Guest) 11 November 2012, 02:16

to the Roar, don't keep quite for it is your right to talk and now that this government is in power your type are more free to talk then the rest of us (March 14, secularists and independents) now lets have an educated discussion and please answer my questions.
Aoun : “We have documents that prove...." So for gods sake publish them its our right to know, who is he protecting? his beloved GeaGea??
And as for Fouad Saniouras one sided cabinet, in most countries the winning party takes control of the cabinet, but as i recall there was the so called "unity" cabinet by which this horrible excuse of a cabinet is far from. If this cabinet is not one sided then what is! i dont see any m14 ministers here but there were definatley m8 ministers in the previous cabinet

Missing peace 11 November 2012, 12:43

typical answer to avoid answering... unable to justify the changes of his guru and the promises he kept making and nothing so far...even if we bring him facts that are verifiable he ll answer by insulting, the weapon of the weak...
typical FPM behaviour: insulting others instead of bringing facts and arguments...

Thumb eli-g 11 November 2012, 14:49

Power corrupts, and I am sure you have quinched your thirst an filled up your pockets with it.You have proved that you are just like all the other politicians in this poor country.

Default-user-icon Tony (Guest) 12 November 2012, 14:20

All that we need to remember is that Semiora and co. prefered to extend Emila Lahoud mandate in 2005, they prefered to ally with Hezbollah after the Cedar Revolution and they prefered to elect Nabih Berry ... all of that better than chosing General Michel Aoun. We were fooled once but never again... since 1975, their only problem sits with having a STRONG CHRISTIAN party... they prefer the devil than Michel Aoun.
They would not mind kicking Aoun out and partnering with Hezbollah.

They could exist from 1990 to 2004 thanks to the DIRECT SYRIAN support, they were pro Syrians while Michel Aoun could generate the SALSA / Syrian Act and implementation of UN 1559 that he defended at the US Congress.

We were fooled once in the Quadripartite agreement in 2005, and we have learned. We prefer partition than to give a single seat to bunch of thiefs and fanatics despite their apparence...