Nasrallah Denies Reports of Explosion Planned in Nabatiyeh during Ashoura Procession

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday confirmed that five Syrians were arrested in Nabatiyeh with "arms" in their possession, but denied reports claiming that the group was preparing an explosive device to detonate it at a Ashoura procession.

“Five Syrians have been detained possessing arms but we already know that many Syrians arrive in Lebanon to buy weapons,” Nasrallah said in a speech on the ninth day of Ashoura.

He pointed out that “media reports saying that the five Syrians who were detained as they were planning to detonate the explosives in Nabatiyeh are fallacious.”

The Army command confirmed on Saturday reports that the military arrested five Syrians in Nabatiyeh after seizing explosives and ammunition from them.

The army communique identified the men as Khodr Mohammed al-Fnoush, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Fattah, Ahmed Mohammed al-Fnoush, Hussein Farhan al-Fattah and Wael Hussein al-Hassan.

“Weather and rain don't frighten us, nor any security threats could stand between us and Imam Hussein,” Nasrallah said.

The Army patrol seized explosives, mortar ammunition with Hebrew letters, in addition to a detonator, the statement said.

On Friday, the state-run National News Agency and other media reports said that the five men were arrested as they were planning to detonate the explosives during the Muharram (Ashoura) 9 procession planned in Nabatiyeh.

The last day of Ashoura, Muharram 10 in the Islamic lunar calendar, marks the climax of mourning for the death of revered Imam Hussein bin Ali -- the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed – at the hands of the army of the caliph Yazid during the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD.

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Default-user-icon Adnan (Guest) 24 November 2012, 23:10

OHOH! Hassan's furious the the five Samahas were caught, Bashar won't be happy which mean NO BARAZE2 FOR YOU!

Missing beirutbastard00 24 November 2012, 23:25

First :p

Missing beirutbastard00 24 November 2012, 23:25

Well that solves it, we can all rest easy now...

Missing samiam 25 November 2012, 00:17

another denial from nasrallah

I am shocked

Default-user-icon ReaLeb (Guest) 25 November 2012, 06:31

he is the most dangerous man in

Missing chouf3 25 November 2012, 06:40

Hey killer_instinct take it easy dude ..

Missing rami 25 November 2012, 07:46

Didn't know hezb followers had a so well developed vocabulary... It most probably translates what your idol says between the lines, without showing it.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 25 November 2012, 07:58

ok so now ALL of M8 should no longer believe in anything the army says... i mean Hasoon just called them b.s.ers. heaven knows HA peeps will believe this guy for sure because they think everything out of his mouth is divine... what a sad lot who symbolize everything humans were prior to evolution..

Thumb geha 25 November 2012, 08:05

well from the comments of m8, one can sense the fear that is starting to be felt from the Syrian wrath.
they are afraid about how the Syrians will retaliate to hizbushaitan getting involved in the fighting in Syria, killing Syrians in support of the regime.

Default-user-icon Disgusted (Guest) 25 November 2012, 08:41

“Weather and rain don't frighten us, nor any security threats could stand between us and Imam Hussein,”... Ali Baba says... We the vast majority of the Lebanese citizenry end up paying the price of his arrogance... ALWAYS... Will we ever wake up and stop the madness?

Missing helicopter 25 November 2012, 09:14

Actually I believe what HA says about those Syrians. After all Hezb provides intelligence to the army. It does not make sense for these Syrians to be living in Hezb town while plotting such things (it would be stupid of them to do so). I believe they are Hezb cronies and they are on the same side in regards to Jihadist duties in Syria. It just happened the army caught them and did not wait for Hezb to tell them what to say about the 5.

Thumb shab 25 November 2012, 12:44

Mr Desperado babbling all the time.

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 25 November 2012, 18:04

obviously, this is how it speaks to its dad; killerinstinct was referring to its own family...

Missing allouchi 26 November 2012, 15:30

Nousrala keeps miscalculating, he's supporting the butcher Assad and even killing Syrian freedom fighters...You know that sooner or later they going to come after you and yours...Hassoun has just put the Shia community in danger and in conflict with Syria...We really don't need another Iraq so please go to your mullahs in Iran and leave us in peace...